Friday, December 12, 2008

Season 4 2008 KOs - Soundwave (Titanium), Sledge

Soundwave (Titanium):

... and oversized. Above pic shows the original colour scheme of this oversize Soundwave (Titanium). I have seen it before in other packagings in The Store, Malaysia. The KO has a moulded-in, non-openable chest compartment, shoulder cannon on his left shoulder instead of right side, and bright yellow colours and bling stickers. The play/stop/etc buttons are gone too. The front of the shoulder cannon is bare and blank, without details of the cannon.

Managed to saw off and make the chest compartment openable and re-painted colour as close to cartoon as possible. I hate repainting........ Also added details like buttons and shoulder cannon details... opps... forgot to slide up his legs....

Repainted the blue paint over with a layer of blue marker, makes it look darker, though will be a bit messy... but looks nicer from far...

KO Sledge has a weird orange colour, despite its general green colour (supposed to be following Universe Devastator?). Not much was done, exept for repaint and tightening up a few joints. Now legs are still a bit loose, but I hesitate to do it, after a bad experience with my first (oversized) Sideways (Cybertron). Picture below shows the repainted version (looks better, doesn't it?)

More to come.....

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