Saturday, February 23, 2013

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of KOs (150) - KO Kabaya G1 Beachcomber

Bought a KO Kabaya G1 Beachcomber... though I like to get a bootleg version, it just seem more fun to get this KO one, especially it needs to self-assemble, hahaha... Wonder if the colours will turn out ok or weird... Cost approx $6.50.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bedok CC Flea Market - 10th March 2013


Hi friends (in Singapore)! Bedok Community Centre will be holding its monthly flea market on 10th March, Sunday, 8.30am to 12pm. I will be putting up a place to sell some of my (mostly loose) KO transformers as well as authentic transformers and other stuff. Come and have a look! See ya! =)

p.s. (17th Feb) Big THANK YOU to all whom have purchased from my little "booth" today, thanks thanks!!! =)

Edit (10th Mar): 
A BIG THANK YOU to all whom have help to purchase from my humble stall today, thank you thank you...

Experiencing Selling TFs in Flea Market at Bedok CC

Had a nice experience as a TF seller in flea market this morning at Bedok CC, fun. Initially thought so early will not have people, so can slowly reach there to set up and maybe have breakfast with my mother whom kindly agree to help me to man the "booth" together (actually she also is very interested, hahaha...)... But when we reach there around 8.30am, and about to start unloading the goods, crowds have started to gather, as they have finish the earlier event's lucky draw... Wah, we were caught unexpected and the 45 mins or so is quite chaotic... no time to leave the "booth" at all... but was quite a fun experience... Special thanks to my mom for helping! Hahaha... Business resumes back to normal (aka no / little business) after the 45mins or so... Now still left a couple of boxed TFs and a lot of loose items... Due to little space, many good loose items get buried and probably 1 of the reason why they are not sold... Or maybe got to sell at different rates (like maybe 2 for $XX, or 3 for $XX... Hahaha...) next time? Hahahaha... 

Above is picture of my "booth" after the "peak-hours", hahaha... Decision of not to pack up early is a good one, as 1 brother (think is selling at another "booth") made a final purchase near 11 am plus, so some items in above pic will not be there anymore. Thanks bro!

To all friends (and aunties and uncles and sisters and brothers etc...) whom have purchase from my humble "booth", a very very big THANK YOU for patronizing, you are all very kind and heart-warming. I will also be selling the remaining loose items next month, 10th March, again in Bedok CC, 8.30am to 12pm. Hope to see you there, thanks again!