Saturday, December 13, 2008

Season 4 2008 KOs - Fortress Maximus (mini and micro), Henkei Ramjet

Fortress Maximus (mini & micro versions):

Aren't they cute???!!! Hahaha.... Scaled-down versions of the huge Fortress Maximus, which I will never be able to convince myself to buy the real deal... saw the Brave Maximus at CSC the other day, wow, several hundreds of $, insane... When I saw these 2 at The Store in Malaysia, I immediately picked them up... BTW, The Store is indeed a KO transformers paradise!!!!...

OK, the intolerable cons of these 2 Fortress Maximus, which I must do something:
(1) Head cannot transform !!!!!!! (mini & micro)
(2) No tower canopy (cover) (mini & micro)
(3) Transparent chest cover cannot flip out without breaking (in fact, I broke the micro's one when I first tried to flip it out... but managed to repair, hehehe...) (mini & micro)
(4) Arm ramps cannot flip 180 degrees to keep flat in robot & battleship modes. (micro)

Not bad hor, the end results... very difficult to see, but if you look closely, the micro version has now arm ramps with double joint, earlier was single joint, thus cannot fold flat to keep... And the best thing???? They both come with HEADMASTERs now!!!!!!!!!! Added some details to the body of micro Cerebros, else very plain.... Arms are articulated and legs are too, else cannot transform mah... but the micro Crebros legs are moulded together.... too tired to do them as separate...

Hahaha... Father & son... Father Cerebros's body is from an extra KO RM Saber's body, legs have to mod a bit... Son Cerbros one is from a fake KO (micro) Doubledealer that comes with KO Lio Caeser... I bought 2x mini and 2x micro set of the Breast Force (don't laugh!!! That is really its name!!!) just to bash Gaihawk(s) into Hellbat(s)... Next time then show...

Simplest of headmaster gimmick... but it'll do nicely...

Added a tower canpopy cover for mini Fort Max, since it has a seat...

Can open one leh!!!!!

(Above) Ready to "Head(s) on!"
(Below) Transform to heads!

"Head(s) on!! ~ Form Fortress Maximus(s) !!!! "
Back view of Fort Max (mini) head

Back view of Fort Max (micro) head

Henkei Ramjet:

Nope, this is not a KO !!! I paid a whopping $25 (or something like dat) for this awesome conehead that has an uncanny resemblance of its G1 cartoon! (Same can be said for Henkei Starscream)... Noticed I use the word "Henkei"? Cos' I dun quite like the Classics version for most of the G1 line... save for Hot Rod ("Rodimus")...

Anyway, the most annoying thing about Henkei Ramjet will be his face appearing in jet mode, the toy designer(s) could have easily design a flp to swivel or slide to cover his face, or make the face able to flip 180 degrees, or something like that.... quite irritating to see a face in jet mode... hey, come on, this is not Gobot, ok?.... so I decided to do something... after numerous attempts (which failed of course..), I had this...

A swivable polystyrene flap that can cover the face. It has a slot instead of round hole to make it more horizontally balanced when swivelled down in robot mode (of course you cannot see it anyway, since it will be blocked by the body, but, nevermind... )

And that's how it'll look like in jet mode (bottom view)... Look ma, no face!!!!

More to come....

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