Sunday, January 30, 2011

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul (83) - Gundam 00 AEU Enact Custom

Went to CSC today but was too early, stalls are just setting up as I was leaving... Have to leave early as got to go to Chinatown to shop for CNY goodies... but, sigh, post in another blog... Anyway, got this from the OG clearance pile of toys... $10 only...

Choose this because suddenly realise this has an alternate flight mode, which I think can be modded into a Universe version of Animated Jetstorm! Notice the similarity, long legs in jet mode...

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of KOs (82) - KO Kabaya mini Deluxe ROTF Brawl, KO Kabaya Donald "Megatron" Duck TF, KO Kabaya G1 Sideswipe

Collected these from 65Daigou today... Buy 1 get 2 free from the seller, worth, hahaha...

KO Kabaya Legends mini Deluxe ROTF Brawl
3 pieces of parts!!! Certainly complex... It is free...

KO Kabaya Donald "Megatron" Duck TF
Yes, its free too!!! 2 pieces of parts, so should be a easy job to assemble...

KO Kabaya G1 Sideswipe
Initially wanted to buy the whole set of KO G1 Kabaya Wave 1, but due to Go TaoBao Shopping's super-long delay in forming me the particular seller OOS, I can't find another replacement seller who sells whole set cheap... Sigh... Anyway, this one will do... BTW, bro HKcelica, nowadays I got my KO Kabaya G1 TFs (rarely I can find 1 one) from, through local agency for Singapore only. You might want to search if any international TaoBao agency to get for you if you can't direct-deal with TaoBao (like in Singapore). Price (include 2 freebies) : $18.60

Friday, January 28, 2011

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of KOs (81) - KO Seawave, KO Legends The Fallen, KO Legends ROTF Sideswipe, KO Binaltech Tracks

Collected the final shipment from Go TaoBao Shopping... yes, I think it will BE the FINAL time I am collecting from them... Anyway, they waived off the sea-shipping and service charge to my (supposedly missing last time) haul this time, so the items are considered cheap...

KO Seawave
Its a freebie thrown in by the seller who sold me the KO ROTF Legends TFs... one of the arm pops out everytime I connect it... very stubborn, need to trim... Made of the shampoo-bottle-like plastics, so... but actually this type of plastic is good for ball joints, don't seem to wear out so easily...

KO Legends The Fallen
Oh no, the mighty Fallen has been shrunk down by a shrink-ray!!! Hahaha, so cute... Very good robot mode, but the jet mode is... transformation??? Or just excellent Yoga-bending of the limbs??? Hahahaha.... Lots of sprue, and some peg-holes and swivel-holes are also filled with overflown plastics... Price : $1.90

KO Legends ROTF Sideswipe
The design of this TF is quite amazing... good in both robot and car mode... as usual with all knockoffs, there will be parts with LOOSE joints... not a problem, can be solved... Price : $1.90

KO Binaltech Tracks
A slightly simplified version of Binaltech yellow Tracks. Yeap, I would have gotten the blue colour version if it is available, but since there is a yellow release, i got the yellow one... Not the usual good quality KO Alt/BT, this one has hole-pegs not fitting, and I can't transform to the car mode properly without touching up... Also, the retractable arm-guns are also left out. Good thing is joints are quite tight... Simpler transformation than the other KO Alt/BT TFs I bought... Overall, good (assuming after touching up) ... Price : $9.90

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of KOs (80)

Woah, haul from TaoBao (purchased through 65Daigou) came last night, rather unexpectedly... very efficient... later then compare...

KO Kabaya Oversize (???) Night Rescue Team - Prowl / Overcharge
Not sure if this is the oversize version, but know it is FREE! Got it with 1 of the buys, can't remember which... hope it doesn't become wobbly after assembled....

KO Thomas Locomorizer/Might Gaine Gradion
THOMAS (or whoever it is) I WILL TEAR YOUR FACE OFF!!!!!!!!!!!..... literally, hahaha.... Hope it is as big as it seems, will de-tomb him later... Price: $14.45 (include shipping, SGD, round up nearest 5 cents)

Edit: Yes, it is huge! As huge as the KO Oversize Buster Prime!!! Still not figure out if it is based entirely on a Brave/Yuusha mold or heavily remolded one or anything, very mysterious Webdiver Gradion mold... Plastic is the average type, but not too thin. It even has the ratcheting joints and comes with a "typical-chinese-toy" train sound and blinking LEDs when you push the button on its abs... Very nice, piece, just need to touch up...

KO X-Gunner / Delta Seeker
Colourful... saw before someone has the arms mold opposite or something... hope this will not... Price: $4.50

Edit: Plastic is not the typical brittle type, in fact, its a bit rubbery and thick, like the real Robotmasters type... but still not on par though... Good...

KO Oversize Smokesniper
Hmmm... comes with a disc... hope the plastic is good... actually not much to write since have not de-tomb the TFs yet... Price: $7.10

Edit: Plastic is also the thicker & slight rubbery type, sweet... arms are mis-assembled, got to remove the pins, repair some broken joints and then re-assemble back to the correct way... Oh, check out the head (of some other websites, sorry, forgot to take picture), very "Optimus" looking!!! Very nice...

KO Oversize Titanium Thundercracker
I think it is more than 6 inch tall... so organic shaped... round round curve curve... Price: $7.10

Edit: Plastic quality is the average (i.e. only very slightly thicker) type, and some joints are loose, but its ok, cn be fixed... The arms can still slide down but the elbows just flip out, so seems a bit short-arm...

KO Sonic Attack Jet / Jhiaxus
Like the name Jhiaxus better.... Costly though... Price: $28.90

Edit: Yeap, again the slightly thicker and rubbery plastic, sweet... got to slice off a bit of the tab pushing back the inner neck of the robot, in order to close the chest... now this forcing has weaken the right arm joint... will repair... very Cyclonus looking in jet mode, due to the reverse wings...

KO G1 Springer
Wow!!! Finally a G1 Springer I will prefer G1 molds compared to most TFs, so don't ask me why I get this instead of the Fansproject Warbot Defender... Cost is also a factor... hahaha.... Price: $56.45

Edit: Not stable!!!! Need to adjust and adjust the split-tails to help balance this back heavy TF... but ok... Fun Fun... Did not buy this locally last time in CSC as it is still expensive, think was quoted $70 / $80 plus...

KO G1 Scourge
Yes!!!! A G1 Scourge, to complete the post-Unicron movie Decepticon trio (other 2 being Galvatron and Cyclonus)... Happy... Would like to have gotten the Titanium version if can but can't find a suitable one... Price: $47.25

Edit: Stickers are lousy, starting to peel off at the edges which have split parts... One of the hinges that connects the back part of the jet to swing back is broken, sigh.... and it is resistane to normal superglue... but luckily, I have my Selley's Plastic Glue! I tell you, it is useful...

65Daigou is definitely 1 notch above Go TaoBao Shopping, it is a professional dealer agent after all, with the more systematic tracking and fast response to queries and requests... Pay the 2nd payment and the next night, the items arrive at doorsteps. Now still left 3 items from Go TaoBao Shopping and several more from 65Daigou... You can decide for yourself which to go for if you would also like to buy TaoBao items from an agent, up to your decision... I know what I will choose in the future...

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of KOs (79) - KO Cybertron Scourge

Jalan around Bedok Central area... and was browsing in a mama-kiosk, and saw this! A KO Cybertron Scourge! This is the version which is better than what I had seen before earlier which is quite very simplified... Cost me $10... Still some simplifications need to do before it is "functionable"... Plastic quality is slightly below average, but still ok...

Friday, January 14, 2011

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of KOs (78)

Finally collected my 2 orders from Go TaoBao Shopping... And since they only just found my 2 lost parcels in their Shanghai warehouse, they will only arrive end Jan "IF NOTHING GOES WRONG..." hmmm... Anyway... Bought a lot of KO Alternators because of the cheap price, even with shipping, they are way cheaper than the real deal... And of course, I am starting to like the car modes... My haul, in alphabetical order:

KO Alternators Autorooper
Its... Autorooper???? Hahahaha... Its Meister, actually... All prices stated are in SGD and inclusive of shipping cost divided accordingly by their original cost... Price - $20.75

KO Alternators Binaltech Nemesis Prime
Even the same red windows... And man, it is heavy... but no die-cast parts... in fact, all except Prowl & this (below), have die-cast parts... sweet... Hope the quality is as good, if not better, compared to the Alternators Optimus Prime... Sweet... Price - $16.30

KO Alternators "Nemesis" Sideswipe
Its a convertible, so I assume its the Sideswipe mould... but in black colour with FLAMES... Cool car but the robot mode is... hmmm.... Price - $20.75

KO Binaltech Prowl
Hmm... wonder if it really includes the "light saber" as shown on the box behind... wait, he's a Jedi in disguise???? Edit: Yes, he has the "lightsaber"... Price - $11.85

KO Alternators Shockblast
It's the return of Cyclops!!!! Man, the reason I bought it is primarily because... I want to switch his head with my KO G1 Shockwave's (cheap version)!!!!... Hmmm... should I ? Or should I not... Next time then decide... Price - $20.75

KO Big Volfogg
Alright! Another Brave series gestalt added into collection!!! Now I have quite a lot of Braves figures, and gestalts too... sweet... but very expensive... knn... Price - $69.60

KO Movie Bumblebee Keychain
It's free.... and funny thing is this seller gives free things when his items (the KO Cassettes) are the cheapest in my haul, my other expensive items did not even give any freebies...

KO (?) G1 Ironhide & Ratchet Custom Heads
The pictures looked so good... but the actual toy heads are CMI.... In fact, I feel the heads I bashed earlier are even better... Cos these heads have a FLAT face... so flat and ugly... with thick lips... knn... but nevermind... Oh, not sure if they are KOs of the real 3rd-party heads, as I see Chinese names on the front... very KO-ish... anyway, don't care... yeah, must start to cut and mod the arms of my G1 Ironhide and Ratchet soon... itchy hands... Price - $11.00

KO Beast Cassettes
Top (left to right) : Overkill ($6.25), Graphy ($8.00)
Bottom (left to right) : Beastbox x 2 ($10.70 for 2)

Yeap, 2 Beastbox(es), so as to combine with my 2 Squawktalk(s)!!! Intend to paint 1 into a more orange-ish colour... Overkill is lovely, so small and cute dinosaur, hahaha, .. so is Graphy... Sad that my Squawktalk(s) don't have the combiner-tabs to peg into Beastbox(es), need to make... more work...

Oversize KO Buster Prime
Its HUGE! Awesome, height is about 30cm... Missing and simplified some parts, making it more like the Voyager version... more parts missing, that is... but still have the exhaust-pipe-gun... if you still call it a gun, that is.... Price - $23.70

KO Oversize Classics Starscream
Its a gestalt!!!! The "arms" are movie Springer and Blackout (I think)!!!! But heh heh, I will not let it end up as a gestalt, but a supersized (voyager, actually)seeker... need to work on the wing's single hinge to be a double-hinge... Too bad it has only a null-ray... the other seems too big... can I mod???... Price - $11.55

KO PCC Combaticons
With 2 KO minicons/targetmasters/powermasters... Real one cost $20 over dollars, but this one costs less than half... of course cannot compare in terms of quality lah... good, now I can give the Chainclaw to Evac to "fight" on even terms with Armada Megatron and Leader-One! And give the Caliburst/Darkray to my Hauler (mini Energon Inferno painted into orange, to pay tribute to the early early G1 cartoon's 5 sec appearance)... Price - $9.50

KO Squeezeplay
Wow!!!! A vintage KO and a vintage mold!!!!!!! The headmaster Lokos can transform, unlike the KO Skullcruncher's Grax... Colours are identical, sweet... The price is a bit too steep, but for a bootleg of old mold, sometimes I just give in... Price - $32.60

Hope hauls from 65Daigou comes soon... bought many TFs... and also hope the 3 items will come soon...