Friday, December 12, 2008

Completion of Season 4 2008 Batch - Dag Shadow, Six-Gun, Clocker

Finally completed the "Season 4 2008" batch.. haha... the price for all this custom-bashing? Bad flu... OK, here are some of the comparison pics...

Dag Shadow (Non-Transformers; Brave series):Modified the head-neck so that it doesn't look so awkwardly long-necked, as in the original KO robot form (see picture on the cardboard). The head can now turn 180 degrees and fold into the neck of dragon, thus hiding the face. Also added backing to the back of body, hip ad legs (show pics next time...)

Back of body, hip and legs covered up with thin polystyrene sheet.
(Below) Head is bashed to allow rotate face to hide and whole head to go into dragon neck.


Nope, Six-Gun is NOT the KO version. I bought the legit version of Metroplex at $80 in CSC... worth it man.. The original Six-Gun has guns for arms... GUNS???? This is ugly.. esp. the cartoon showing him with arms... decides to give him arms, modifying from a Gundam model's legs and fists of "Bendi" brand... "Bendi"... hahaha... Arms are held by Ball Joints that fit just nice into Six-Gun's arm-holes... (below is the pic of original Six-Gun)
*EDIT: I have since painted the arms (less fists) to red colour. See later date post for pics.


This is a cheap $2.50 KO piece form Mama shop below my house... Original (pic below) looks crap... Realised is the head is moulded to the front chest piece, and no shoulder pads... Took care of those, but the alignment of the shoulder pads are too high... nevermind, good enouff liao... noticed the gun to the left of pic above? Yeap, bashed it too, transformation to be as close to the real deal as possible...

The KO piece is missing the back pieces of the lower legs (1st pic below), have to something for it too... Initially thought of leaving the out, but this guy can't stable itself, what must be done, has to be done... And back of head should be covered up, else brain will flow out... ????

After adding the swivable back pieces for lower legs...

OK, so much for now, still got lots of pics more not shown, will do that next time...

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