Friday, June 28, 2019

After Restoration : KO Downsized Transformers Unicron Trilogy Cybertron Optimus Prime

Costs about SGD19. This KO or bootleg Transformers Unicron Trilogy Cybertron Optimus Prime is downsized to about Voyager sized in its Super mode.

Edit: Packaging of toy. From the front, not much difference. But the negative factor are the various mis-assembled parts that needed to knock out the pins for reversing the parts correctly back. The head is a basically a fixed mold of 2 parts, with the "fins" molded together with the head in the folded back position. Plastic quality is actually above average, for a KO. Only recommended for those who are willing and able to spend time to restore the figure back as it is not transformable completely right out of the box. But the simplifications are kept miminum and most are not that critical.

Basically, this is a box of PARTS for the figure, with many mis-assemblies, missing parts, sprues, etc etc. Need to knock out quite some pins and rearrange the parts to transform properly. Have to make the "head-fins" for the robot head in super mode, as well as the "backpack straps". Took days before finally done. Part 2 will show the Super mode.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Thursday, June 27, 2019

( Wei Jiang ???) Model Wizard - Steel Claw 钢爪 KO Power of the Primes Predaking : POTP Razorclaw

Finally after a long wait, Predaking can be formed... Gotten this for about SGD12, quality is similar to the previous release ( Headstrong )... Razorclaw's cannon weapon has a short round peg that makes it impossible for him to hold the weapon in robot mode, hence I added a longer peg at the cannon weapon. The original LED feature brightens up the whole head, which I have since rectified to only let light shine through the eyes. Overall quite a good KO TF.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Combiner Parts Holding Restoration : 孩之星 大力神 Cool Become Brave KO Transformers CW Devastator

Modified my recently bought Cool Become Brave CBB KO / bootleg Transformers downsized Combiner Wars CW Devastator ( Constructicons ) . Used combination of superglue + tissue paper to fill up the bigger holes ( Hook fists, and Long Haul's back's 2 peg-holes and slots) that are supposed to hold the pegs of combiner parts. Earlier tried to use hot-glue but did not work well.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

( Wei Jiang ???) Model Wizard - Sharp Blade 猛刀 KO Power of the Primes Predaking : POTP Tantrum

The 4th member of the KO POTP Predacons... This Tantrum has similar plastic quality as the previous ones, but the joints are not as tight as the previous release, i.e. Headstrong. Perhaps there could be quite some feedback back in China to have caused this loosening up of the joints. Having said that, joints are not very loose and actually still able to handle the posing, and also some joints can be slightly tightened up a teeny bit by screwing the screw tighter... The part to slide into the gestalt crotch are seem to be slightly thinner on this one than Headstrong's ( I had to sand off Headstrong's connector piece even after trimming the gestalt crotch cavity side, to be able to slide in and out the gestalt leg comfortably without fearing to break the joint... ) Cost approximately SGD13 - ... Waiting eagerly for the Razorclaw to be out so that Predaking can finally be completed... Hmm... will I sell off my Jinbao Predaking??... really out of display space...

Monday, May 27, 2019

孩之星 Cool Become Brave KO Downsized Transformers Combiner Wars Devastator ( Constructicons )

Finally gotten this super nice gestalt! Constructicons!!! This size is just nice to go with the Combiner Wars Bruticus ( KO version ) that I have, which also happens to be from the same company that made this downsized Devastator. Plastic seemed to be the close to the "shampoo bottle" type, as superglue does not adhere well to it, and it feels very "oily". Nevertheless, this type of plastic will be the more durable type, so am not complaining. Overall joints are reasonably tight, some overly tight, and only a couple are loose. As with all KOs, some tightening of the joints with superglue, touching up of peg-holes, swapping of wrongly assembled parts, etc etc has to be done. Wanted to paint the wheel rims to silver but feel that this could make the overall cartoonish look go away... Anyway, am likely to put some Decepticon logos onto it... First up are Scrapper and Mixmaster, the legs...

Next 2 of the Constructicons... Scavenger and Bonecrusher, the arms..

Final 2 of the Constructicons... Hook and Long Haul, the torso(s)...

" Constructicons , transform! Phase 1!" "Now, transform! Phase 2!!" "Prepare to meet your doom, nothing can withstand the might of... Devastator !!! " ... In gestalt mode, this Devastator is slightly taller than my KO CW Bruticus which has the KO PE add-on feet and hands. In 1 way it is right, as this combiner is made of 6 robots, while Bruticus is made up of only 5. It is quite interesting to see how some collectors talked about this Devastator is still quite big and will be perfect if shorter a little bit, something like that... For me, even in the real world no man are same in height, so why force our (toy) transformers to be exactly same in height? Anyway, everyone has their own perspective, that I can understand... No matter, this is a very very good TF, but because it is shrunk down, the pegs, pins, etc become very small, hence have to be careful when transforming it. Overall, a very good companion to the Combiner Wars gestalts' display...

MFT Mechanic Studio Mech Soul MS-11 Mini Sentry a.k.a. G1 Transformers Omega Supreme

Cute little fella!!!! Wanted a small sized Omega Supreme figure, but did not expect to be able to get one so small... very good modification of the Diaclone Armor Suit to become Omega Supreme... Personally will prefer a 3-claw arm, but this is still acceptable. Overall, a very nice figure.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Toy World TW-GS02 Whisky Jack 千斤顶 a.k.a. G1 Autobot Transformers Wheeljack

A tiny transforming figure that costs SGD26++ ( or is it SGD28++ ?? )... But still slightly taller than NA Jazz in robot mode... Have to tighten 1 of the "wing" joint as it was very loose upon unboxing... also have to scrape off some of the plastic in the missile's hole for the rifle as the rifle handle seemed to be too thick with the paint... This figure is really impressive with the super detailed paint-job that seem to be replicating the Masterpiece version... in fact it looks like a mini Masterpiece Wheeljack... The head sculpt is also very reminiscence of the G1 cartoon version... Upper and lower arm proportion may seem a bit off but at this small scale-size it does not look that bad... This TW Wheeljack looks so much "wheeljack" than my Generations Wheeljack, with the less-exposed wheels and more accurate "wings" in robot mode...