Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Transformers Studio Series SS 86 G1 Gnaw Deluxe Class

Bought it at Toys R Us as cannot resist the robot humanoid form which looks like me... This is a very good figure, and a minor nitpick will be the robot head can be better hidden in shark mode.

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Transformers Studio Series SS 86 G1 Wreck Gar ft. Go Better Upgrade Kit

 Bought from Taobao as I couldn't find it during the past few local toy hunts, only to find this figure on sales in OG on the day of collection... Anyway, this is a very good figure, transformation is simple but not straight-forward as some places, e.g. the lever-system connecting the head to body, needs some figuring out to push the robot head all the way into the motorcycle head.  Also fitted the Go Better upgrade kit parts onto the figure and looks better, in my own opinion. Solid figure. 

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Mechanic Studio MS-21 Flame Walker a.k.a. G1 Transformers Hot Rod Legends


 It seems Mechanic Studio has started to follow the footsteps of Hasbro to shrink down their figures, starting from their Wreck Gar, and now their Hot Rod... Below is the MS-21 Hot Rod compared to (left) NA Starscream and (right) NA Jazz...

A look at the past few Mechanic Studio figures... 

And a group shot of my Hot Rods / Rodimus Primes which had the orange-red color scheme...

Mechanic Studio MS-29 Falcon a.k.a. G1 Transformers Springer Legends +

 The car mode tail fins are designed with opposite directions in the cartoon, hence I use a small pin pusher to force out the pin a little before using a pair of pliers to slowly wedge and pull it out. Repeat for both sides.


Note that you have to swap the 2 pieces with one another when reversing the direction of the fin.


Trim off the hinge post to allow the fin to fit in the lower leg.

Fins looks good in all modes now...

Video of MS-29 Springer
Comparisons of my Springers in all 3 modes...


" ~ Saber in your hand !!! ~"

Scene re-enactment from the 86 movie...

Saturday, November 6, 2021

Transformers Kingdom Deluxe Class TRACKS

 Bought it because I cannot find Wreck Gar... And also OG has 20% discount... Anyway, this copy happens to be the "corrected" version where the leg panel pins are hammered in more fully, and the legs are more stable. I did still try to push in the pin a little more and also lengthen the tab. The 2 tail fins were swapped, but it still have the problem of popping out when transforming into car-jet mode. This is still quite a good TF, especially after the leg issue is resolved, though it still have its flaws similar to the Masterpiece version (visible hollow torso, "break-off" feet, etc). 

Transformers Seacons G1 Predaking Undersized Micro Knockoff KO Multicolour

 Bought it in a local toy shop at Bugis, costs SGD8. Very cute little figure, with lots of simplification from the original design. The combined mode Predaking is about the same height as the Studio Series '86 04 Voyager Class Hot Rod. A pity the wings are not able to swivel up to display for Predaking. Will probably do some modding.


Saturday, October 16, 2021

Mechanic Studio MS-24 Recylers a.k.a. Legends G1 Transformers Wreck Gar

MFT Mech Fans Toys?? Doesn't matter... quite an expensive little figure, costs almost same price as a Deluxe figure locally... Good robot mode, but some pins are not well hammered in, causing a slightly looser joint, or such. Should be a common problem as they are also observed in other video reviews in Bilibili... Motorcycle mode is a little off from the cartoon version, but will do... Overall, a solid little figure...