Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Update - KO Kabaya (Styled) Oversized Cassettes : Slugfest, Ratbat

Assembled these long due KO Kabaya (Styled) Oversized Cassettes - Slugfest and Ratbat. Very nice little sets, joints are tight and parts can be snapped quite tightly too. The molding is also "clean" and accurate, with almost no excess plastics on the sprue, amazing. The 2-colour kit makes the Cassette-cons look less monotonous, but the colours are not quite right for some parts. Anyway, I am not that bothered about this, as I totally like these 2 little figures! As they are made of the typical oily plastic material, painting is not recommended at all...

Edit : These oversized cassettes can fit into the KO Oversize G1 Soundwave that came out a couple of years ago (the one with a Ravage that has non-movable feet)...

KO Oversized Slugfest
The guns have design that looks nice with silver-chrome but looks like armadillo skin in this green colour. The head and tail connectors are not incorrectly shown in the instructions, and I spent quite some time figuring out, after many failed attempts. Printed out some stickers to make the cassette mode looks more realistic...

The spring-up bladed-spine feature is not here, instead, the dinosaur belly has a little handle that flips down and pushing it up causes the bladed-spine to rise up. Innovative!

KO Oversized Ratbat
Has been wanting to get a Ratbat, so when after assembling it, I just have to give it some stickers for its cassette mode (and also for Slugfest)... Very amazing transformation, with small parts (i.e. wing claws) that might be easily missed when transforming.

Ratbat in bat mode! After some time then realise the 2 "things" that points frontward out from the jet-pack are rifles/cannons!

Back view to showoff the jet-pack-rifles!


  1. Hey again. Absolutely beautiful pieces. Realize its a longshot but any place to grab a set of these pieces? Any KO cassette kabaya type pieces. Big time cassette collector. Love all things cassette. Trying to collect all the different variants, kos, third party stuff I can get my mitts on. Any info or assistance would be appreciated. Never hurts to ask. Thanks for your time.

  2. Hi, thanks, those 2 KO cassettes were bought in 2010, only recently have time to assemble... You might like to try for some oversize KO cassettes including 1 set of KO oversize Encore 17. Most of the KO cassettes (& other KOs) I got from the china "ebay" site, and also have to go thru a local agent (sort of like a middle-man) to do the purchases. All the best in your collection! =)

  3. Was able to source elsewhere. Took some pics. Hope you enjoy

  4. Congrats mellowmut! Awesome find! I like the red-turquoise colour Ratbat, looks more "decepticon-ish", hahaha... It's fun putting them together, right? =) Nice feature I like about this type, other than it is nicely oversized, is that they came with the weapons! Congrats!

  5. Actually these came already built So didn't get the chance. But I have built Kabaya sets before, which were pretty cool. And thanks. Plan on keeping an eye out for other molds