Saturday, December 3, 2011

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of KOs and Such (120) - KO Oversize Henkei Sling, (Authentic?) Ultraman Brothers

Was TF-hunting around Marine Parade area this morning, but it is either no good stuff or lousy price... In the end, managed to picked up these stuff in Parkway Parade...

KO Oversize Henkei Sling
... or Classics minicon Thunderwing, if you prefered... roughly scout size... Gotten in "Comics Connection"... the front canopy (where the fist is near to) is now remolded to flip out using a ball joint, but the motion is too limited to have a proper pose... Think there is also some slight remold in the details... Anyway, the Korean packaging doesn't help, its still the cheap chinese KO... But good enough for me, hahaha!!!!! I love KOs!!!! Hahaha... To be fair, the joints are still not too loose... Intend to make him some proper fists...

Ultraman Brothers
Yeah!!! Very happy when I saw these figures at Action Toyz, finally can get for my 4 year old nephew... Was looking for these figures in a shop selling DVDs at Genting not long ago but was told by the staff that they have ran out of stock... So surprise to find these here at at a (relatively) cheap price too! However, could not find the UltraSeven figure, but should be thankful to found the others... in fact, I bought an extra (original) Ultraman for myself to display... Not sure if these are authentic or bootlegs, as the back of packaging (see last picture) says the company making them ("Ruishi") is given rights by "Chaiyo Productions Co. Ltd", and in front of the packaging shows a copyright sign and Tsuburaya... Anyway, these are fun figures. Press the legs together and the top torso spins... and spins like crazy they do!!!! Hahahaha... Little nephew will be happy... but will give him slowly... hahaha...

(Original) Ultraman

Ultraman Ace

Ultraman Jack

Ultraman Taro

Ultraman Zoffy

Back of the packaging...


  1. Akuna Prime
    I have recently come upon a cheap toy sale at china square centre singapore.There were selling a DOTM leader class Sentinel prime and Iron hide at $65 each and $100 for both i do not know if it is a KO or the real thing.The name of the store is U-Toys and there is always a massive toy sale at china square centre on every sunday.The box and everything looks like the real thing but i am not sure about the toy itself.It would be great if u can tell me the different.Thank You.

  2. Hi OrionDecade, I'm not quite sure if the DOTM leader class figures are real, but I believe so. So far I heard of the Fireburst Optimus (Voyager class) has a bootleg version (not the cheapo KO version) which I bought 1 online (posted on this blog before), but the rest should not be, maybe are the china-market version, not very sure. I don't think quality wise they are any lesser than those sold in departmental stores though. I bought a deluxe Topspin from the 1st floor sales area and realised it doesn't have a NASCAR holographic sticker but the figure is still quite ok. Hope this helps! =)

  3. Oh, btw, saw on some TF websites that the later batches of Leader class Ironhide has the head deliberately glued on by Hasbro so that people will not turn the head too much and snap the electronics wires inside it. There are remedies on the website for this issue though. Just a gentle reminder if you happen to get one.