Friday, December 30, 2011

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of TFs & Etc (124)- Crossover Iron Man (Car), DOTM Leader Ironhide, HA Soundwave, Generations Warpath, Crumple Face Ultraman

Received these stuff tonight from TaoBao... well, not all these stuff, as the 1st one is bought in Metro with 20% discount...

Crossover Iron Man (Car)
Chanced upon this few weeks ago but did not buy as there was no sales or offer price then. Did not recall ever seeing it anywhere else in retail (especially OG...arrgh...), so bought it. Was thinking of getting the Crossover Venom, but hate the protruding tongue, so put in back in the end... Price ~ $27.90

DOTM Leader Ironhide
Movieverse Ironhide (2007 - 2011)... Salute!...
Ok, gotten this after some struggling... Ironhide is not my favourite character to be a Leader class figure, but... anyway, the price drop is the critical factor that seals this deal... Price ~ $46.45

DOTM HA Soundwave
Sigh... Sigh... and to think I saw many pieces in TRU Paragon today... Sigh... Sigh... Price ~ $71.60

Generations Warpath
Wow! Gotten this at a "high price" compared to the lowest in local retail of $10, but still feel good, because I DID NOT GIVE MONEY TO SCALPERS!!!! Hahahahahahaha.... Refuse to buy at the ridiculous high price in CSC... Price ~ $24.95

Crumple Face Ultraman
This is so nostalgic!!!!! Crumple Face Ultraman!!!! Ugly but nice... Price ~ $8.65

Also bought a Ultraman Zero Twin-Slugger set but nephew was so excited when he saw it in the big plastic bag of haul, so give him 1st, and did not take a picture of it... Hope my next haul will arrive soon... Estimate next Thurs...


  1. Where did you buy the crumpled face ultraman? Any good lobang for ultraman figures ? Where do you buy good markers and paint to do custom paint job ? Btw are you selling your k.o rotf devastator legends ?

  2. Please do read the post, it's stated right at the beginning. =) Bought it from I just bought 1 Action Hero Series Ultraman Dyna at Takashimaya, they are having a toys sales at the B2 basement. Think still have another blue colour Ultraman Dyna. Don't really have lobang for Ultramans, I just buy whenever I chanced upon any good ones. Markers and paint-pens are bought in stationery shops, random. The rotf devy i think i sold off in flea market already.