Friday, December 9, 2011

Restoration - Gun Max (Yuusha/Brave Series)

Restored my KO "Brittle Plastics" Gun Max from the Yuusha/Brave series. I have mainly tighten/loosen the joints for easier transformation and also removed all the cheesy stickers from it. Looks so much better without the stickers. A little surprise that the plastic material is not really that brittle as I initially expected, but definitely not as good as some other KOs. He doesn't come with the original accessories and weapons though. Below is KO Gun Max Amour (Gun Max combined with Gun Bike) in package.

Gun Max
Gun Max is naked!!! Without stickers, that is... Anyway, his arms look terribly small, and head too big. He looks blocky, but he has actually quite some articulations, in terms of head rotation, shoulder rotation, legs and knees can bend, and the feet can even flip a little (due to the transformation). So quite a nice little fellow, but again, weird arms proportion.

Gun Bike
So here is Gun Bike with Gun Max posing at the side. Gun Bike is quite a large motorcycle with 2 red siren lights at the sides. The handlebars can be lifted up/down, useful when posing Gun Max sitting on the motorcycle. The KO makers gave him a random rifle, I think, and with some enlarging of the hole at the side of the motorcycle, the rifle can be stored. Gun Bike is quite stable on the ground, due to the thick (THICK!) wheels it has.

Gun Max Amour
The main play factor is of course combining Gun Max and Gun Bike to form Gun Max Armour. The front of the motorcycle needs to be detached during transformation, but will be re-attached as the chest piece for the big robot.

Picture below shows the official transformation for Gun Max Amour, with the wheels showing obviously in front. While this saves space (at the rear) when displaying him, he kind of looks like... Mickey Mouse, especially if you look at the wrong angle...

I prefer to position the wheels this way. It makes him look much less hilarious and in fact a little resemblance to the Mospeada Cyclone amour bike style (see 2nd picture below).

Articulation wise, his head can turn, shoulder pads can tilt some degrees, but sadly arms can swivel only backwards though. Luckily the elbows can still bend. The legs are static, basically, with only the feet slightly able to flip due to transformation.

Overall, another "like" for him (especially without the cheesy stickers!)!!!

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