Thursday, December 22, 2011

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of TFs (123) - DOTM Barricade, TF Prime Cliffjumper

Bought these 2 at TRU TP today, along with other hauls for Christmas presents... State of TFs in TRU TP is actually quite pathetic... sigh... anyway, glad to have gotten these 2...

DOTM Barricade
Actually was thinking of getting this piece some time ago, as seen on Youtube reviews that this is actually more movie accurate than the 1st movie toy... Cost approximately $15.50, after the 7% discount by using UOB Card...
Edit: Just a side note, the cardboard's printing is much clearer and darker than those sold in CSC's 1st floor central area... Not sure if this means the CSC ones are of different batch or...? Anyway, its the toy inside that matters most...

Posable! Looks like Barricade teleported out from the laptop screen, hahaha...

TF Prime Cliffjumper
Very scared that this will not have a head, as read in 1 forum, so was checking any ways to identify, on the internet, while choosing a piece. Realised that the head, or rather, the horns on the head, can be seen underneath the car, which you can see if you "peeped" through the bubble-pack. Toyed with the figure and was grumbling he has no weapon, when I found his fist to be able to flip, and the other hand a 3-barrel gun (or sort of, I presumed, hahaha...) Very nice looking TF. Did not go to OG to buy, as when calculated the cost, even with a possible 20% discount, might still even out with the parking charges... A very good TF with both modes looking great... Using a $10 Capital voucher and UOB Card, cost is approximately $15.90...


  1. Btw, Not sure if you know, KO HA Barricade is available on Taobao. However, it's in loose packing and no Frenzy.
    I just ordered 1 to see how it is :)
    Happy Collecting!

  2. The KO is out for HA Barricade? That's cool... Thanks! =) You too! =)

  3. I bought from this site and has supposedly reached the shanghai warehouse. Still waiting for the rest of the order before it can be shipped to Singapore

  4. Nice KO, hope you receive it soon, its the end of year and couple with CNY in Jan next year, its going to be peak period for shipping... I also have some items still on the ships coming to S'pore...