Saturday, September 17, 2011

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of KOs & TFs (108) - KO ROTF Ransack / Red Baron, DOTM Daredevil Squad 2-pack, DOTM Leadfoot/Ironhide 2-pack

My haul today at Bedok Central (KO ROTF Ransack) & Carrefour Mega Sales (Expo)... Not de-tombed yet, due to laziness...

KO ROTF Ransack/Red Baron
Will be even better if there is more red plastic used, so no need to paint red too much... Yes, intend to paint it to red, after seeing someone repaint it to the "Red Baron"... Very nice... $3.20 (SGD)

DOTM Daredevil Squad (Grey/Yellow Bumblebee and Backfire) 2-pack
Nice translucent green plastics used on Backfire & BB... But still find BB a bit weird to have gray and yellow colours, too weird for my liking, but... its ok... Bought this as I have not had both these 2 molds... Ok, I admit, I bought this set because it is cheap, only $30...

DOTM Leadfoot/Ironhide 2-pack
Hey, the Commander Ironhide is different from the first Legends mold! Look ma, no fists (in vehicle mode)!!!! Leadfoot looks... fat... and stumpy... but cute, hahahaha.... $15...

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