Saturday, September 10, 2011

Restoration - Brave / Yuusha Series : KO J-Decker

Just printed and pasted the stickers onto my KO J-Decker... For those who are not familiar, J-Decker is not a "Transformer", but a transforming robot from the Brave / Yuusha series...

Picture of the robot with ugly stickers that came with it:

After removing the old stickers:

First, the small robot, Deckerd:

He has a small six-shooter!!! Bam! Zam! ... opps, sorry, wrong figure...

Deckerd with the Armada Optimus Prime trailer's counterpart, J-Roader:

J-Decker... Did not really do much restoration, as he is quite ok... very very orange-ish... hahaha...

Yes, hoping my KO Build King / Landfill arrives soon, and my new order of DOTM Voyagers can go through smoothly...


  1. Got this toy from China for 60 RMB which is rather cheap and replicated the original quite well. I still prefer the original color scheme but i think repainting the toy should be workable.

  2. Hello there, I enjoy your Blog very much. I have to ask, are any of your KO Brave figures available for sale? I also collect G1 KO and Brave KO as well and am looking for new figures to collect. Email me at: sometime if you would like to chat :-) -Mike.

  3. Hi, thanks. Sorry, not intending to sell the KO Brave figures. Nice to hear from a fellow KO collector! =)

  4. i love that figure, please where you bought friend?

    1. Ar, thru a local agent company.