Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of KOs (106) - KO Cybertron Overhaul, KO Oversize RTS Megatron, KO DOTM Leader Sentinel Prime, KO Oversize G1 Hardhead

Haul from TaoBao arrived just now... wow... fast delivery, considering only paid the 2nd payment in the late morning... Have no time to de-tomb all KOs, so only open up my most anticipated - Hardhead!!!!! (Note prices stated are current, as I am still waiting for the agent's reply on packaging issue...)

KO Cybertron Overhaul
Wow, a simplified Overhaul... and now he is lime green... immersed in acid???? hahaha... approximately $5.70
Edit: Joints are relatively tight, surprising... the head is not able to turn, so need to restore a bit, else face will show in vehicle mode... no elbow joints, so... else others are ok. Considered as "playable out from packing".

KO Oversize RTS Megatron
RTS Megatron has grown!!!! hahaha... now that is more like it... hey, the tip of the gun barrel is still orange!!! hahaha... approximately $5.45
Edit: Like Cybertron Overhaul, this KO's joints are also quite ok, which is kind of unusual as KOs are usually very loosely jointed... Ok, maybe the waist joint is a bit loose but just be a bit gentle... Also considered as "playable out from packing".

KO DOTM Leader Sentinel Prime
The packaging is DAMN BIG!!!!!!! sigh... should not have buy this... why.... this is the simplified version, so will try to restore him back to less part-forming as possible... approximately $32.30
Edit: This is really lousy... very very simplified parts, so much so that it affects his standing stability (even if joints are tight)... need to mod something to act as his heels... The part-form cabin and side windows might be a major problem... sigh... "Cape" can only split for 1 side... sigh... Water hose is a one-piece-mold... sigh... Leg joints are loose... Considered as "not playable out from packing".

KO Oversize G1 Hardhead
Yes!!!!! Finally gotten a G1 Hardhead, and he is oversized!!!! I measure him, stands 23.5cm tall in robot mode (tip of head to bottom of feet)... Joints are generally quite tight enough... the canopy connector seems to be warped, and needs to loosen the screws slightly to allow the plastic to bend more... head cannot stay in place, keeps pooping out, will need to restore... and Sweet!!!!!... approximately $47.70

Hope my KO Build King / Landfill comes soon!!!!!

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