Friday, September 23, 2011

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of KOs (109) - KO Build Team

Finally this set arrives 2 nights ago!!!!! Very very happy to receive it... The KOs are packed individually in boxes, and each would come with a instruction sheet... but not my Build Boy's... Doesn't matter really, as the instructions only show how to transform into the 3 gestalt modes... Cost me around $49.70 only!!!!

Build Hurricane
The 1st to be opened, as I am eager to rectify his hands that were probably swapped about to prevent legal issues... The picture below is taken after I switch the lower arms... Plastic quality is above average, can imagine how fragile Build King can be if the plastics used are too thin or brittle... Joints are reasonably tight, though still got some loose ones, but overall is considered good... Colours are also quite faithful, at least in the same basic colours... Workable weapon in the claw...

Build Cyclone
Head refuses to sit the peg into the hole in the body... should be the linkage that is causing the problem... doesn't really matter... but need to trim up the holes which fits the pegs of Build Boy when using Build Cyclone as main arms in gestalt mode... Workable weapon in the crane...

Build Boy
Heh heh, notice the G2-like Autobot insignia on his chest? Wow, so this is a "pre-RID" Build Team...

Build Typhoon
Spring for his "Claw" weapon is not working well... but at least it can stay in a 'open' state, right?

Back of the cardboard boxes, all showing the same picture:


  1. Wow, I didn't know they have these! Where did you get these? If only I haven't gotten the original for almost the same price, I would've ordered these too.

  2. Hi bro, gotten this set from the TaoBao website, after seeing one in one of the TF forum (can't remember which one though...) Its really quite a nice set; obvious KO but material quality & most joints' tightness are a notch above the average KOs... But I'm sure original ones will have a better quality! =)

  3. What do you put in taobao search bar to find this? I know there must be so many gems like this in taobao, but my search skill there is so abysmal :(

  4. I search in chinese, this gestalt is sometimes called 比特工程队 , but sometimes sellers in taobao call TFs by (other) weird/funny names, sometimes same pronunciation but different words! Its not ur searching skills, I can understand the difficulty in searching using chinese in taobao...