Saturday, January 30, 2010

Experiment - (1/2 - KO) Henkei-Classics Skyfire Prime

A small experiment while rearranging the mis-assembled parts of my recently acquired KO Classics Optimus Prime and Nemesis Prime... and this is also 1 of my main reason why I want to buy the KO Classics Primes... and it WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Skyfire Prime
Used the clip on Youtube to guide... basically I got it to combine, but its kind of loose... wonder if it is because of the KO is slightly undersize or something else... anyway, don't think I will combine and leave it for a long time, the heavy weight of Skyfire combined with the weight of is quite bad for the feet of OP...

Nevertheless it is still quite impressive... Did not like to put his helmet on cos it makes the head looks a bit too big... but nevermind, maybe it may look good on Nemesis Prime with Universe Threadbolt???

Anyway, some pics of KO Classics Nemesis Prime in vehicle mode... strange that the shoulder-to-arm joint piece is assembled wrongly but the other Prime is assembled right...

When got time then will touch up these 2 Primes.. and the other recently bought ones...


  1. Hello, have you fixed the shoulder of Nemesis ?
    The shoulders on mine cannot be lined perfectly along the cab in truck mode.
    Do you have a similar problem ?
    THank you !

  2. Hi, its fixed, I follow the arrangement from the OP. Here are 2 websites which shows clearer pictures of how to fix:

    (1) Shoulders (scroll down around 1/3 page) -

    (2) Fists (ard end of page)-

    Hope it helps! These KO classics primes are very very neat TFs, like them very much...

  3. Hello thank you so much i didnt know about the fixing for the shoulders, now my Nemesis is perfect in truck mode ! Now i'm thinking buying another KO Prime to repaint him as the blue Powered Convoy :)

  4. Oh, do remember to fix the smokestack guns as well, seen in this clip's later part:

  5. Hi there,how good is KO Nemesis compared to the original stuff? Just wondering.Thank!

  6. Hi Zhariff, I don't have any original Classics/Henkei Primes, so not too sure about this. But this is definitely a higher-than-average piece of KO, its quite heavy too! But being a KO, it still needs some tough up on loose/over-tight joints, mis-assemblies, etc...