Friday, January 15, 2010

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of KOs (38) - KO Animated Jazz, Sentinel Prime

KO Animated Jazz
Very close to original colours. Good - head is white (like the G.I. Joe white ninja). Bad - fists and elbow joints are brown, and nunchuckus are molded together... can bash, yes...

KO Animated Sentinel Prime
Very close to original colours again... No knee-joint simplification compared to some newer versions... Bad - Lance is TOO SHORT!!! ... can be bashed, yes...

Hmm, read from some forum someone ordered from on same day as me but received today (or yesterday) liao... seems S'pore area takes longer... if all goes "well", then I should receive my haul after end of next week... Looking forward to my haul... Thor!!!!! EZ Devastator!!! Classics Prime!!! Nemesis Prime (heng did not buy one last time, cost $35!!!), Classics Thundercracker!!!! And I am SO tempted to buy from again, I feel so like a child in a candy store, hahaha... now only if the price can be lower... hahaha...


  1. Hi bro where are you from? I cant find good quality KO around KL. Just now i found some KO beast wars, quality looks ok.

  2. S'pore. Thought KL the Times Square & the are ard have? anyway, was surfing the forum "", u might want to ckeck out, i think it mentions a lot of KO places in Malaysia..