Thursday, January 28, 2010

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of KOs (41) - KO Marvel CrossoverThor, ROTF Legends Devastator, KO Classics Thundercracker, Nemesis Prime, Optimus Prime

Sweet! Finally my order from arrived yesterday... Very happy... After opening up the box, realised the packaging is quite neatly done, commendable!!!! (A pity some of the cards with the softer plastic bubble still come out.. but not of a problem for me as I am not going to keep it MOSC...)

KO Marvel Crossover Thor
A bit disappointed for this piece... First, the plastic is of poor quality, something I don't quite expect for this package... The legs are most obvious, thin plastics... each side missing a piece for the cape in bot mode... arms assembled wrongly, which initially I thought can just switch, but can't, need an operation... side abs cannot fold in in bot mode... head seems can never be able to hide when transform to plane mode, so not able to transform into plane mode so far... maybe wrong transformation I hope... anyway, most of these can be solved, hopefully... Finally, I just felt this might be an under-sized version, it seems small!!

Edit: Seems some website found this piee on the Kotoys site, and felt is a good piece... I agree, but if you buy, need to work on the head issue (hope is just my one piece only and not all of this KO). I tried fiddling with the head issue, and realised it is because of a wrong assembling fault. The red piece connected to the head's piece(blue) needs to be flipped over so that the blue piece can sit down more on it (red piece) when transforming... which means needs to knock out the metal pin connecting it to the other red pieces, and this is very very fragile...

Edit #2:
Fiddle with it some more, to try to transform it to plane mode needs LOTS of touching up, eg. swapping arms, shaving off bits of plastics to secure the tabs of the turbine engine legs, etc etc... tough... needs more work to fully touch up... next time then do...

KO ROTF Legends Devastator Set
Sweet!!! Finally gotten this set, cost around SGD 31.50 from Heng!!!! Resist the temptation from Toys R Us last December to buy at $70++!!!! And this set seems to have no simplification, unlike some newer sets... solid...

KO Classics Thundercracker
The chest wheels are still there, and the arms have elbow joints, and clear canopy windows!!! ... Plastic quality does not seem so nice though.. but still yet to be confirmed until opened up... anyway, will not do any touch-up to become Thundercracker, but will let it be another character in the rain-makers seekers trio... no name, so called it Thunderclap (its foreign country's cartoon name)... Lots of mods to do... Like knees assembled wrongly, fists assembled wrongly... but can be done...

Edit: Rearrange the mis-assembled parts - fists, upper legs and knees, and the tail-fins. Won't put up pics, cos someone already put up a very complete guide of how to do here. I also remember someone in forum says that the fists will be very tight to pull out from jet mode to bot mode after fixing, which is true. So my suggestion is to shave off some surface from the thumb (facing front), and also a bit of the edge of thumb, making the thumb to be slightly smaller, should be beter.

KO Classics Nemesis Prime
Again, resisted to buy the original at SGD 35, and got this for $24.40!!!! From past reviews, this piece seems to have no reduction in parts... finally a KO Classics Prime mould that is decent... If you look closely at the Decepticon insignia at his shoulders, you will find a mouth, hahaha... well worth the money... Smokestack gun and wind vane gun are around, sweet...

KO Classics Optimus Prime
Reason I bought this is because last year saw someone combine him ad Classics Jetfire! SO wanted to get one, but the real one is too expensive..Quite tight joints, plastic quality seems good, and the whole piece actually feels some substantial weight, very unusual for a KO!! Eyes are clear!!! Windscreen is clear!!! (Same for Nemesis Prime above) Will try to combine him with my Henkei Skyfire, and the above Nemesis Prime to combine with my Universe Threadbolt!

Very happy... but unlikely to buy new KOs in near future.. cos no place to store liao!!!


  1. Ah, I see you're quite surprised by Mike's improved packaging :D He did it right after my last package from him got screwed pretty bad during transit :D

    You should've taken the oversized legends devastator instead of the small one. The price isn't that much different, but the size parity will shock you. Almost mo simplification of the mold, other than missing swivel joint on hightower threads. Very recommended to get that set.

  2. Hi! Yes, very nicely packed, but previous ones were not too bad lah, to be honest...

    Thanks for the recommendation, didn't get the oversized one because it came after just when I thinking of ordering the normal one, didn't know how's the quality.. and second, personally feel some figures doesn't look weird when smaller, eg. actually I like my smaller KO Kabaya-style Energon Hot Shot better than the original size... So, to me no should've or shouldn've, it all depends on your liking :) (though I really have once thought of getting the oversized one, hahaha...)