Sunday, January 17, 2010

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of (non-)KOs (39) - Encore Ironhide & Encore Ratchet

Ok, title says it all.... Encore 05 Ironhide and Encore 06 Ratchet are bought at CSC today... again in the same shop that always seems to sell some products at a very low price almost every week... How much do these 2 Encores cost? A pair for total $30... $30??!!! Yeap!!!

Encore Ironhide
Initially hesitant to buy these 2, as I did not quite like the headless designs (fist-less is another I don't quite like... ) but then gave in to the very low price, and decided to bash some heads for them to fit behind the windscreen... next time.. Oh, did not find the fan-made heads except in 1 shop but since it was placed a a very funny area, and without price tag, did not buy... anyway can make myself, more fun...

Encore Ratchet
*Same as above*... except, I got 2 left caterpillar-thread pieces!!!... sigh... nevermind, can still bash.. but need to find some silver-reflective paper...

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