Sunday, June 24, 2012

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of Such (144) - Kamen Rider Double/W DX Superbest Henshin Belt, Candy Toy Kamen Rider Double/W Henshin Belt And Maximum Slot

Gotten these 2 gems from CSC today... Very happy as I had been hunting for the KR Double/W belt for long time (yes, 1 of the many "favorite" belt of my little nephew, hahaha...), and couldn't find a suitable price in, and though found 1 in eBay to be quite ok in price, I still got to consider in the additional travel fee... Anyway, seems that a Hong Kong re-issue of the normal DX version will happen in July (seen in TaoBao sellers pre-order), and Japan will release the 2nd wave of the Superbest version in August (read from HLJ, if I remember correctly)... Anyway, bought this at (my) reasonable price...

Kamen Rider Double/W DX Superbest Henshin Belt
Bought this brand new piece from a stall with a nice lady and a gentleman called Vincent (Thanks for the discount! =)  ) My little nephew used to make me say "Cyclone!" and he will say "Jok~a~r", and "force" me to faint off like the Philip character... Hahaha... Have not open up yet, intend to give my little nephew next time, not so soon... Cost me $115...

Candy Toy Kamen Rider Double/W Henshin Belt And Maximum Slot
Bought this set simply because I need a belt to transform together with my little nephew (in future) !!!!! Hahahahaha... Have open up the boxes, and as expected, the belt strap is too short for my humongous tummy, ahahahahahaha..... Anyway, a total 6 Gaia Memories are included in these 2 boxes, ie. similar to that in the Superbest DX version! Sweet... However, they are only pure hollow plastic pieces with no electronics (whihc I don't really care, since the sounds can be provided by the DX one while playing).  The belt has lights that can switch on though, quite a nice touch... The Maximum Slot can only play the "Joker" 's words and sound effects, so does not matter which Gaia Memory is inserted... Cost $30 for the 2 boxes...

Waiting for my TaoBao & eBay hauls to come!!!!

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