Friday, June 15, 2012

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of KOs and Such (143) - KO "蒙巴迪" Alternators Hound, KO Rockbuster, KO Oversize Cyberverse OP/Meg Weapon Trailer/Bases, KO Iron Man Gatling Dart Blaster, MGA Spider-Man 3 Dart Slinger

My latest haul from TaoBao arrived, yesterday night... So managed to get some newer and better (while still cheap) KOs to replace some of my older ones; found some really interesting KOs from the Cyberverse line; and some interesting Spider-Man (legit and KO) dart shooters... Hahaha....

(New) KO Alternators Hound
This is from the more recent series made by a company called "蒙巴迪". Have gotten its Alternators Skidz before, and it is of quite good quality... Hope this will not disappoint me... Price ~ $14.30

(New) KO Rockbuster
A freebie which comes along with the purchase of the below 2 oversize KOs... and because of this, I had to pay a lot extra shipping fees due to the way the seller packs the items... anyway, will use it to replace the slightly lousier quality KO Rockbuster I gotten earlier .. Price ~ $0

KO Oversize Cyberverse Optimus Prime Armored Weapons Platform
Wow!!!!!!! OVERSIZE 2 classes! From Commander class to Voyager class!!! Awesome.... Looks good, but not de-tombed yet, so pray hard... It looks familiar to the Battle Tanker though, especially this size... Wonder if I can fit the trailer to my bootlegged DOTM Voyager OP... Price ~ $35.10

Edit: Comparison of this oversize OP with the KO Battle Tanker... Hmm... The ball joints for the side panels are now too loose after forceful turns... Need to trim down many pegs so that the panels will not be obstructed when swiveling in transformation... Missile is way too sensitive and often not stay clicked in... 

Edit 2: Size comparison with my KO DOTM Optimus Prime... Still slightly shorter than the KO DOTM OP...

And this is how KO DOTM OP will look like using the Cyberverse OP's Trailer... No good places to lock tight, will need to make some connectors somehow if really need to connect them...

Trailer can be used! But again, no good connector, only force fit slightly some parts but still, quite ok...

KO Oversize Cyberverse Megatron Blastwave Weapons Base
Wow!!!!!!! OVERSIZE 2 classes! From Commander class to Voyager class!!! Awesome.... Opps, sorry, repeating... Anyway, both KOs come in exactly same box, which is understandable, as KO-makers also need to cut costs... wow, trailer becomes a jet-pack... Now who's afraid of the Jetwing Optimus... Price ~ $35.10

Edit: Comparison of this oversize Meg with the KO Battle Tanker...Plastic quality is not too bad! In fact the wings material are quite near to the (legit) voyager Megatron material... Joints are reasonably tight, though I might still want to tighten some...

KO Iron Man Gatling Dart Blaster
Hmmmm... Doesn't this look familiar???.... Wait, isn't it a KO of the Spider-Man Gatling Dart Blaster??? So now Iron Man steals this technology and re-deco it for his own use??!!! Or is this originally design by Stark? Hmmm.... Hahahaha.... Who cares, as long as it is fun! ... Box contains only 1 dart-blaster (with darts), and not all the toys (disc-shooter, claw, gun) shown in the back of packaging.  It also contains a small mask of Iron Man, hence the size of the box... Intend to mod the blasters (I bought 2 boxes) to shoot out the darts using thumb to trigger while the hand poses like shooting a Repulsor beam... Even bought 2 circular LED mini lamps already, hahahahaha..... I must be crazy... Price ~ $39.00 (for 2 sets)

MGA Spider-Man 3 Dart Slinger
Awesome! Finally some sense to pack 2 web/dart shooters in a box! Hey come on, Hasbro, Spidey shoots web from both hands, ok?!!! Get it?!!... Hahaha... OK, venting dome frustration, as I feel like getting the new Amazing Spider-Man dart shooter but there is only 1 shooter in 1 box, and 1 box already cost $34.90.. too costly... This set comes with 2 dart slingers, 11 (yeap, I got 1 extra dart packed in, lucky...) darts, and 6 targets to shoot at... had fun playing "monster-shooting" with my little nephew with each of us using 1 slinger each.... Price ~ $23.50

Broken yet another KO Constructicon Maximus member... shall not form them up but will use each member (total 3) as unique individuals... sigh... nothing good at Takahimaya's toy fair/universe...


  1. Awesome blog you got here bro. I'm also a KO TF collector and I understand the 'high' you get when finding a near-perfect KO thats almost impossible to distinguish from the original ones..and with only a fraction of its price.

    Anyway, keep up the nice work..! :)

  2. Thank for the compliment, bro nicemecha! You too! =)

  3. Damn, I love those oversized KO commander class TFs! I hope you could make a comparison between them with actual (or KO) voyager class TFs so I could make a transformable trailer for my voyager Prime and Megatron! I wish I could find these in Kuala Lumpur....

  4. Yes, me love these 2 super oversize KOs! I restrained myself from buying the normal size one the moment I saw these oversize counterparts! Took some pics as requested, but am too lazy to hunt for my DOTM Megatron (hidden somewhere)... The armour suite needs mod to secure DOTM (Voyager) OP, but the trailer mode can JUST (barely) fit in the truck mode with a little forcing...

  5. Thank you for the comparisons + combination attempt pics, Akuna!
    Looks like I need to prepare my wallet now and hunt them, with luck!
    Ah, one more thing... There's a KO Legion/Legends Bumblebee included with that KO Optimus, is it a DOTM or ROTF mold? Legion/Legends size or Scout (over)size?

  6. Most welcomed, Hamano Tsubasa! The KO Legends Bumblebee is regular legion size. I believe it is DOTM version as the wheels are on the shoulders (ROTF version has the wheels on the hand/fist areas, is it?) Hahaha... looks like we have another "victim" of this oversized KO! (Personally I also like these 2 oversized KOs very much). Good luck in your hunt! =)

  7. Wow, where did you get those oversize KOs? Taobao? Can I have link?

  8. Hi, I gotten these oversize at ( hmm... just checked the items' webpage, after so long the price still remains the same! hahaha....

  9. Hey man! Good blog, I want to ask you, when you shop in taobao comes all together even several sellers?

    The reason I ask is because when I look at a special article I can not see the other products of the seller.

  10. Each Taobao seller's own page only display his/her own stuff, though some might have links to their "friends" Taobao store pages (usually on the bottom-left column of the page). Look for a tab in the Taobao seller's page (usually on the right side, under the seller's infor) that says "进入店铺" or something like that to see his/her other products. Many sellers also have a column at the left of the page with classifications of their products, similar to eBay's. Hope this helps! =)

  11. Where can I get that oversized cyber verse Megatron and trailer?! I need that in my life!!!

    1. A "want", not a "need"... This is an old product, even Taobao sellers may not have... You can try or Sirtoys, hopefully still have...