Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Minor Mod - LRS Kamen Rider Blade Belt, DX Kamen Rider Faiz (555) Belt

Did some modifications to the belts of LRS KR Blade and the recently arrived DX KR Faiz...

For LRS Blade belt, I removed the belt piece with male-connector as my nephew is too skinny, and 1 piece of the belt will suffice... Picture (view as if you are looking down the belt worn on waist) below shows the belt after modifications, with a snap-in buckle fitting for easier putting on and off.

The male connector of the snap-in buckle is secured to the belt with small cable ties. Quite secure, but a bit worried that the cable ties may damage the belt holes' edges. For the female-connector, a piece of adhesive velcro (woolly side) was used to wrap around the buckle holder and poked a hole in the velcro to allow the velcro to be attached into a small peg found inside the belt driver (originally used to secure the original Blade's red plastic belt). Sorry, forgotten to take the pictures. For this I have to unscrew the belt driver side to remove the original red belt piece. Now my little nephew can wear this belt easily.

Next is the DX Faiz belt. I added straps with snap-in buckle fitting (recycle from an old waist-pouch) to fit the belt to my fat belly.  Took some time to sew the straps securely, ensuring the plastic belts are not damaged. In the end, achieved the quick snap-in function, as well as adjustable length feature (in case I get slimmer/fatter in future, hahahahaha...)...

Picture below shows the female-connector of the snap-in buckle. The grey strap is looped over the small "belt-tidier" piece and strap sewn closed.

Picture below shows the male-connector of the snap-in buckle. The grey strap is looped through the 3rd hole of the belt and strap sewn closed. I even sewn the straps together at the 1st hole position to prevent belt from moving off position too much.

So both belts are now modified without any damage to the original belt pieces, so that anytime i can still restore them to the "default factory settings"... hahahaha.... Btw, has given the KR Double (W) belt to my little nephew, and we had fun playing the characters of the KR Double (W)... Of course I am only allowed to put on the mini belt, he MUST wear the DX version, hahahaha.....

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