Sunday, April 29, 2012

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of TF and Such (136) - Star Wars Crossover Darth Maul, DX Kamen Rider Den-O DenKamen Sword, Ultraman Father and Mother

Star Wars Crossover Darth Maul
Gotten this from OG PP, $31.90 after 20% discount... Initially went to TRU Novena United Square but that place is... sorry for the harsh word... "pathetic"... And the clearance sale is like chaotic and messy to maximum capacity... Probably will go to TRU Suntec next week to use my Star card points for redemption...

Edit: Evil poses!!!!

DX Kamen Rider Den-O DenKamen Sword
There is a mini mountain of these in OG's clearance area... Cost $25 only (down from the usual price of $ Bought this for my little niece... Have also ordered a DX Kamen Rider Decade Belt for him too, hope everything goes smoothly... if so, then it is so much cheaper than those selling in retail and in CSC... Checked out the Kamen Rider belts in CSC, really rare and expensive...

Ultraman Father and Mother
This is bought in a CSC shop... Cost $15... And yes, this is bought for my little nephew, as I am not sure if my brother needs to get the Ultraman Father and Mother for his birthday, so bought this set just in case.. the figurines are a little small though...

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