Saturday, April 21, 2012

Restoration - (Double) Oversize KO Robotmasters Optimus Prime

This is an absolutely AMAZING piece of KO!!! Joints are tight; details (moldings, spring-feature, etc) and colours are approx. 95% faithful to the original; and it is oversized to about VOYAGER class size!

Came with these accessories...

Robot mode... I did some painting to the back of head (blue), crotch area (yellow), inner arms (red) and the rifle (silver)... Looks good!

Comparison with Protector... About half a head taller than Protector!


  1. Bro..where can i get one of these oversized robot masters OP..

  2. You can try or neighborhood small toy shops...

  3. Where are you from? I have searched for soo long and could not find one..if possible can get one or two for me? Thanks!!

  4. Can't. Moreover, I bought it so long time ago, don't think can find it easily (if there is any) in Singapore anymore... Try searching in or eBay, but no guarantee... all the best in your search! =)

  5. What colors did you use for the pars that you painted?

    1. Huh, colours? Anyway, I painted using paint pens, various brands depending on whichever I can find...