Thursday, April 12, 2012

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of Such Lightsabers (133) - (Rubie's) Mace Windu, (Rubie's) Qui-Gon Jinn, (Basic) Obi-Wan Kenobi, (Force Action) Darth Vadar

And the lightsaber fever reached the peak!!!

My haul of various lightsabers arrived today. And they are FREAKING EXPENSIVE!!!! HAHAHA... Ok, seriously, they cost way way way more than I expected, due to the high shipping cost by vPost. Many of them are packaged in big box, which is good intentions by the seller, but when it comes to international shipping... anyway, here they are:

(Rubie's) Mace Windu
The legendary! Purple lightsaber will turn pinkish when it powers (lights) up... Does not come with a stopper at the tip to prevent the blades from sliding out when pointing the lightsaber downwards... Will fix that, no problem... Light is quite strong, not extremely bright, but nice enough (at least to me) as a lightsaber... Price approximately $38.30

(Rubie's) Qui-Gon Jinn
Poor fella, was killed by Darth Maul... and believed that Anakin was "The One"... Anyway, his green lightsaber has a nicer shine compared to Mace Windu's. When de-tombing this, the inner bulb ring dropped off, it was "flying" inside the hollow space of the blades... So I had to pry open the lightsaber to fix... Luckily the 2 halves are not joined very securely... Anyway, now it is fixed... Price approximately $35.95

(Basic) Obi-Wan Kenobi
The new Master of Jedi, Obi_Wan's lightsaber has a nice design. The blue is also deemed as the "good" side... or so it seems, according to my little nephew, hahaha... Yes, now he has a blue lightsaber sturdy enough to fight against the "evil" red lightsaber (Darth Maul's Double-bladed lightsaber)!!!!! Price approximately $35.70

(Force Action) Darth Vadar
Anakin "Darth Vadar" Skywalker's lightsaber... wow, am a little disappointed over this piece... I anticipated that this will not shine brightly, but despite that, I am still shocked over the low level of light shone... and the clash sounds are not easily activated... Seller really keeps to his words, that the packaging is not in good condition... really... the transparent plastic cover is completely missing... a bit dusty, but still quite alright.. Anyway, I am still waiting for my other Force Action lightsaber (Anakin version) to come... Price approximately $57.65

I am still waiting for my KO Battle Tanker!!! ... Now seller says wait till 14 Apr then send... sigh....

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