Sunday, May 29, 2011

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of TFs & Such (97) - Ironman 2 Figurine, HFTD Brimstone, RTS Mindset

Wah!!!!!!! And I missed out the Toy Carnival!!!! Sighz.... 8pm just now then saw in the net... Arrrgh.....

Anyway, got the following from OG PP today:

Ironman 2 Figurine
Yeap, the one with Repulsor Blast... Initially wanted to get the other metallic-coloured one which got the blast off from feet effect, but could not stand the elf-like "hair"... Only cost $3.90, CHEAP!!!!!

HFTD Brimstone
OK, must admit I already gotten 1 Brimstone last September... When I was walking around the pile of TF RPMs today, I suddenly saw this little figure. So I pulled out and naturally looked at the price tag... and it said... $5.90!!!! Wah! So CHEAP!!!!! Don't care, buy first, hahahahaha.... Going to repaint him into Chopsaw... no, too ugly... I know, since he has a skull-like head and has a sleek chopper mode, I'll repaint into Ghost Rider colour scheme!!!! (Picture below is the one bought in Sept last year)

RTS Mindset
RTS Mindset reminds me of the Crossover Hulk (Tank).... This is a repaint of the movie 2 TF Hailstorm... Found this inside the pile in 1 of the stands... At least OG PP bothers to packed their non-DOTM TFs slightly neater in the stands... Not many good choices left... In fact this is 1 of the 2 remaining Mindsets... Sigh... Must visit other stores... anyway, cost only $12.90, so ok...

Looking forward to my KO Advenger and Goldran... scaled down version, of course, hahaha....

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