Friday, May 20, 2011

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of KOs & TFs (94) - Galaxy Defender Beast, Bandai 1:100 VF-1S Model Kit, DOTM Powerglide

Gotten these yesterday at Carrefour, HobbyShop & TRU in Suntec respectively... Forgotten to get the Generations Scourge though... sigh... nevermind, next time then...

Galaxy Defender Beast Transformer
Not sure what this is based on but the transformation is definitely not as simple as I think, for the leg part. Instructions given are too simple and did not stated what the shoulder can split up for which mode... There are 3 different types of printings (Galaxy Defender, Something-can't-remember, and Planet Fighter) in the pile, and I choose this because the sword, shield and protective plastic cover is still intact... Has ratcheting joints, not bad... very huge... cost $10 only...

Bandai 1:100 VF-1S Super Valkyrie 3-Mode Model Kit
Took a gamble & bought this to see if it is fully transformable or not... and I lost.. It isn't.... which means now I got to think of ways to mod the legs to swivel down to form in robot mode... and the font canopy too... Anyway, not too bad, because it's a brand new MISB, and cost only $28 plus after discount... Sweet...

DOTM Powerglide
Wow, an awesome TF!!!! Its like G1 Powerglide given an upgrade... I know there are some who prefer the Universe version, but I like this better. I just felt the chest/breast design doesn't look good in the Universe version... in fact, I feel it is awful... anyway, 1 man's poison is another man's meat, so to each his/her own preference... Yes, I don't quite like the bomb, quite stupid to form a cluster of bomb to be held in the hand to fire... not much logic, even for a fictional universe... Is it a bit too small? Well, depends on your preference again... small is cute, but if big (Deluxe or bigger..) probably it may have the aggressive feel then... Can't tell, until the KO makers upsized it ... will they???? Hmmm.... $19.90 is expensive....

Hope my new items ordered soon... And where can I find RTS Trailbreaker/cutter???? Seems to have disappear into thin air...


  1. The first one is an awesome KO based on the White Tigerzord from Power Ranger or rather Wong Tiger from Gosei Sentai Dairanger

    I've been trying to find these online but no luck as of yet

  2. Thanks Kelleth! Haven't suspect even slightly that is a Power Ranger toy... Watched the clip from your given link, and some very very feint memories came back, when the hilarious tiger starts kicking the legs to get running, like Flintstones!!!! Hahaha...

  3. Yeah I remember that too xD

    I got 2 of these and as I'm looking at this thing I'm guessing its the exact same size. So I suggest you try the same thing as I did and check Reprolabel stickers out. Because even though its another colour its awesome factor will still be increased by 1000% :)

  4. your Galaxy Defender Beast Transformer is a k.o. version of white tigerzord