Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of KOs (98) - Undersized KO Goldran, Undersized KO Advenger

My haul from TaoBao finally came tonight... Gotten a "Movie Moments" Sally+McQueen set, but the whole bubble package is torn from the cardboard... taped with a bit of scotch-tape... arrrgh... now cannot confirm if it is 2nd hand or not... hope it is not... anyway, cleaned the cars & internal plastic bubble with anti-bacterial wipes, hopefully cleaned of any germs, if any... Yes, I am a hygiene freak, hahaha... and I am buying this as a gift for my 4 yr old nephew... sigh...

Anyway, gotten these 2 absolutely wonderful KO Braves! They are from The Brave of the Gold Goldran series; undersized, but absolutely faithful to the original (more or less) !!!!

Undersized KO Goldran
Very very bling!!!! The gold chrome is sooooo shiny! And the other parts are similar to the original's colour. I have also seen a reissue (Korean version I think) that gold chromes almost the whole Goldran (or Gorgon, the big bot/dinosaur name)... Wonder if I should tape-chrome my KO or not... Hmm... Anyway, very very nice piece of KO... Dran is not included, the chest piece of Goldran is only a single piece of mold. It includes the long sword with a scabbard/sheath that can be tabbed at the side of the waist! The shins also have the flipped out cannons, less the firing missiles. Joints are reasonably tight for most joints, something not common in KOs. Only little in-perfect will be the tail-halves cannot close properly and tends to pop out... need to trim somewhere... Overall, a very wonderful piece of KO. Think KOToys is also selling this (these 2 KOs, in fact.)... SGD $7.35 with shipping.

Undersized KO Advenger
Another amazing "little" Brave figure. Includes all weapons (I think); has the big shield, and the front chest can also be opened to reveal the rotor! But I am not sure if it can be fired off or not, I can't find any firing mechanism (I don't know how the original is fired in the 1st place as I have not had 1)... Colours are mostly faithful. Joints are reasonably tight like the KO Goldran; in fact, the waist rotation is too tight, might need to loosen... Can't bend the elbows to perfect 90 degrees in train mode though, and the big long rifle is a bit loose when attached to the clip... Oh, also need to remove or mod the red missiles on the back rack to be shorter/smaller, else will lift the train up in train mode... Missile covers on the legs also a bit floppy, can't stay in place, but just need a simple fix... Overall, a very wonderful piece of KO! And yes, the lower legs can be flipped to reveal the correct side.... also SGD $7.35 with shipping.

Am keen to buy the cute little Sentinel Prime... the Commander size one, cuter...

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