Thursday, December 17, 2009

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of KOs (37) - Oversized '07 Movie Leader Optimus Prime

Oversized '07 Movie Leader Optimus Prime
yeah, I know I say I will only buy this if I strike Toto today... but nevermind lah.. since decided not to get the TRU Legends Devastator set liao, so ... anyway, this is quite the similar version to the one is offering... in fact, I think it is just the packaging that is different ( have the blistered card type ) Searched high and low for the "sound & light" button but couldn't find.. only when half-way transforming then accidentally pressed, got a shock.. hahaha...

... detombed.. ok, a few simplifications, but not as much as the leader-sized/mini-sized version that I have... to what I know, as I did not own a authentic one:
(i) Opposite shoulder pads (have since changed)
(ii) Suspected opposite piece for main arm joint (need to check)
(iii) Non-rotatable fists (need to do something)
*Edit: Actually the fists are mis-assembled, just need to change the orientation.
(iv) Simplified knee pads
(v) no toes on feet, only heels

Size comparison with KO G1 Star Saber... Star Saber is already big, this guy is like a giant!

really an impulse buy but... nevermind lah, its festive seasons...

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