Monday, December 14, 2009

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of KOs (35)

Package from finally came today... in the morning some more... Happy... Quickly open up the big box... all items accounted, except for the black BB which they promised to throw in... after breakfast, opened up the KOs to check...

(1) Legends Beachcomber
Did not open this KO, looks quite ok to me.. may have loose joints at most, if any... Nice little figure...

(2) Legends Wheelie
"Him Wheelie.. Him friend...".. hahaha... this annoying little figure has finally been given a new body... looks so much better... Did not get the orange version because it costs USD 2 more.. not worth... Anyway, did not open him too... notice now yellow Wheelie is a Decepticon!!

(3) Super Armada Prime
Sigh.. Was so happy when saw him.. but when de-tombed him, realised the trailer is only half-complete.. lots of pieces missing.. can form a trailer but is ugly lor... The chest hood of Armada Prime itself is also simplified to be plugged-onto-chest type... nevermind, still can bash!!!!!! I still got the old KO Armada Prime (movie paint-job)!!! And already have some ideas liao, hahaha...

(4) Sixshot (mini)
Yeap, gotten Sixshot's mini version.. and man, this is one little trouble-maker... first the wings are reversed.. got to remove the black holder pieces, unscrew them to exchange the wings, and then fit back with the black pieces' positions exchanged too... The little cannons inside the feet is missing too... need to bash... but overall, the joints are quite tight, except the knees a little loose...

... a comparison of my 3 Sixshots... 3 different sizes.... sweet... (p.s. the littlest one is at bottom-middle, just beside the legs of Sixshot (mini)... see the green-red little piece?)

(5) G1 Headmaster Skullcruncher
Very happy to get this piece.. almost perfect, except... the head is non-transformable.. but yes I'll love to bash a figure for it, already have done so for my Fort Max (mini & micro)... And maybe add a little seat for the figure inside the head???

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