Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mods - KO Kabaya Nemesis Road Caesar

Finally finished repainting & assembling the 2nd set of KO Kabaya Brainmasters Gestalt Team - Road Caesar into... Nemesis Caesar!!!

Nemesis Brainmasters
I don't know why I even talked myself into repainting a KO Kabaya.. damn freaking difficult for the paint to stay, it just peel off like nothing... even with spray paint.. got to use superglue to "seal" rubbing surfaces... even then, it doesn't work well... anyway, like the past Rodimus Primes repainted, I got to be even more careful when transforming them...

... in comparison with non-painted version... the glossy paint surface is actually quite nice...

... bot modes... yeap, did not paint the eyes... and leave some parts unpainted too...

... comparison again... in bot mode...

Nemesis Caesar
..."Merge!!!!.... Nemesis Caesar!!!!"

... 2 Road Caesars!!! Yes, I like to pose the legs in this way, even for some other G1 gestalts like Bruticus, Superion, even Landcross...

... Kabaya Road Caesar's face always reminds me of rabbit, hahaha... must be a close relative of Cyclonus... hahahaha.....


  1. Where can these be bought?? do the brain masters work as well??

  2. Did you try washing the parts in nail polish remover b4 painting??

  3. Purchase - quite rare now, try, the china website.. no the brainmaster are just figurines, nope, just soapy water, if I remember correctly. Is flaking now.... =( Previous Rodimus Primes and Leobreaker sprayed with lacquer / touch up with super glue is still intact... but must be gentle...

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    1. Thanks for visiting the blog, but I will not be doing much TFs these days as my 4 Detolf shelves are almost overcrowded... Thanks!