Sunday, October 18, 2009

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of KOs (& non-KOs) (25)

Another satisfying trip to CSC today... Today's dream haul has KO (Oversize) Soundwave, KO Kabaya Headmaster Highbrow and Brainstorm, another set of KO Kabaya Road Caesar, and lastly (non-KO) Alternators Wheeljack!

KO (Oversize) Soundwave
YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally found this set, so unexpected.... in fact this is the 1st piece I picked up in CSC, at first floor, which I will seldom go there... It is fate I think... so lucky!!!!!!! Cost? $15SGD... expensive? Ok lah, the cheapest for a Soundwave (boxed) is at $42, so $15 still worth! Moreover it is oversized!!!!

...close-up view, comes with a Ravage and Laserbeak! I compare the sizes of the cassettes and they are slightly smaller than my oversized ones... Will bash Ravage's legs to normal and use only Laserbeak, since got Ravage in collection liao.... So happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KO Kabaya Highbrow, Brainstorm, Road Caesar (2)
... was waiting for this stall to open, finally caught the stall owner and he handed me the 2 headmasters... and I got another set of Road Caesar as well, to make a Nemesis Caesar!!!! Hopefully next week he remembers to get the rest of the other types that he has, heard him saying he has like G1 Starscream and etc... think is the 1st wave ones... Hope got more!!!!

Edit: Damn... One of Braver's sprue piece is Laster's, packaged wrongly, hopefully this Sunday can go back and get it changed....

(Alternators) Wheeljack
Got this initially to match the KO SOundwave... and kindda grow to like it while deciding whether to buy or not... quite ok lah, at $40SGD...

Some forumers have mention that they fear the ones sold in CSC may be bootlegs, but don't think so for this piece... got even a decent looking instruction.. think is the spanish or something version...

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