Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of KOs (23)

First, before I forget, saw this 1 metre tall Optimus Prime at one of the shops in CSC, ask the boss to let me take photos, and he agree... quite a big statue...

Ok, latest haul... today went to Loyang Point and hunted.. no luck in Cheri, AC nor the shop beside... then saw in the middle of the mall is a stall... and saw this... quickly grab... hahaha.... The stall also got red and yellow colour Dead End, weird Energon Arcee, TF keychains.... but only interested in this... Rollbar!!! Thought of getting this when there is the OG 1-for-1 offer, but couldn't find it... so luckily, got this at..$3.90!!!!

Look closely at the head... Bonus! Its more remoulded to resemble... Optimus Prime!!!!


  1. i had the rowbar too.....
    cost is RM 7...hehe!!!

    damn, we can be good frens...i do collect bootlegs too !

  2. Hi Cham! Sorry for psoting so late as I usually do not check my past posted blogs. Good to hear from another KOllector.