Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kitbash - KO Predaking Sword

Ok, other than the white helmet, white lion chest mane, white left right (thanks to Tommydarko bro for pointing it out!) limbs (Rampage, Headstrong) that makes it clear this is a KO, what else is different from the "original" KO???... Yes, the sword is now bigger!

I used a sword that comes together with KO ROTF Sideswipe, and initially just plugged into Predaking's fist. Looks ok, but the colour is not right....

... because the "Original" KO has GOLD-CHROMED swords. Original Predaking's artwork on the box also shows the Predacons have GOLD-CHROMED sword.


.... so using some golden sticky tape, I proceed on to "CHROME" my sword... use a gold paint pen to colour any possible edges that might be exposed later... actually I have used this technique before, where I extended a pipe on a KO oversized Cybetron Lugnutz, and use gold sticky tape to blend in the pipe with the gold-chromed engine, works quite good!

...firstly the blade, then the other parts, part by part... slowly it is looking more gold-chromed..

... finally done!!!

Comparison with Predaking's old sword (it's Razorclaw's sword, actually)... Bigger!!!! And GOLD-CHROMED too, like the mini counterpart!!!!

Lets see the difference... First, a pic of Predaking holding both swords...

Original (KO) sword... looks more like dagger...

New sword!!!!! Look more proportion, as the gigantic gestalt is the biggest G1 gestalt... sweet...

Till next time....


  1. Uh, wouldn't that be the RIGHT limbs?

  2. Hi TommyDarko! mmm... Oh! Right! You are right!!! Its Right!! hahaha, my mistake!!! hahaha... Thanks for pointing it out!! =) Took me so long to figure it out!