Sunday, June 14, 2009

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of non-KOs (8)

Yeap, bought non-KOs again... the temptation of GSS is too great... am trying hard to resist further temptations... but how can you blame me when a voyager TF (Animated, Universe 2.0) is selling only $19.90... Voyager leh! $19.90! Unbelievable... and OG has 20% discount for the Marvel Crossover TFs too (dunno if without OG card still have 20% discount or not), which saw its price reduce to $34.90 from the approx $50 last time... at only $27.90, it is irresistible...

(Marvel Crossover) Hulk
My all time favourite Marvel character, the Immortal Hulk Hogan... I mean the Incredible Hulk! Saw on some websites that the Marvel crossover has already gotten some KOs, but I couldn't find them... and so when I saw this 1 and only piece on the shelf, I quickly grab it, thinking that if I dun want I can put it back later... Cos this is the 1 and only piece, I am reluctant to buy, maybe it is returned product??? People buy and play before, and put it back??? Like in US, they can return the TFs bought with refund... But in the end, heck care, and bought it... glad I did.. cause it is 1 solid, beefy looking TF! Nice! Hulk Smash!!!!!!! oh, btw, think the picture in the back of the card mis-transform him, the arms is not folded out... same thing like the Universe 2.0 Blaster, the head is shown NOT pushed in-down....

(TF Animated) Lugnut
Ok, I did say before I will not buy Animated TFs... but I cannot resist this piece when I saw in 1 of the TF toys forum that Lugnut can become ... Scorponok! (See ) So I give up the other Universe 2.0 Dropshot, and choose this instead... Long live Scorponok!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahaha...... (Actually was tempted by the $50 for 3 TFAs deluxe, luckily did not find Swoop, else may just pick him up with Snarl and Soundwave... )

Will I finally find some KOs in Genting? I hope so...

Edit: Pic of Lugnut in "Scorponok" scorpion mode

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