Monday, June 1, 2009

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of (non-)KOs (6)

Was in OG Albert today, after brunch in the vegetarian restaurant... bought a toy truck & toy phone for my baby nephew's birthday... and saw this, at an amazing price: $39.90.... 25 Years G1 Optimus Prime!... I don't quite believe the lowest price before is the original price tag of $129.90... nevertheless, $39.90 is a good price! .... Checking inside... how come the wheels on Roller are not separated as in the instruction booklet? ... Left top is the Autobot logo that when pressed, makes some transforming sounds (as heard in G1 cartoon), and Optimus Prime speaking his lines (dunno is it Peter Cullen's voice?)... And a comic included too... Wait, the stickers are Japanese! Weird.... but cool!!!

Never knew G1 OP is that big... and the mechanisms for the transformation is not as simple as I always thought... Sweet...

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