Monday, December 31, 2018

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of KOs (226 C) - 粤星 星变战神 统领官 擎天柱 Yue Xing MMP-10 MMP10 a.k.a. KO Wei Jiang 威将 MPP10 Optimus Prime

A simplified KO of the Wei Jiang MPP10 Optimus Prime, which is an oversized of the MP-10 Optimus Prime. Some (not all) simplifications I manage to spot include:
(1) robot head antenna cannot rotate
(2) smokestacks not extendable
(3) only hips have ratchet joints
(4) no cover for leg-wheels
(5) leg ventilation flap part is molded onto leg and not able to flipped in truck mode
(6) ankle tilts only 2 positions and can only be activated when slide away inwards
(7) feet sole has cavity
(8) plastic wheels with big rims
(9) light-up eyes and head crest

Overall a nice oversize MP-10 figure if one does not mind the simplifications.

Vehicle mode...

Robot Mode...

Eyes and head crest can light up! Very nice...

Comparison with BMB KO OS POTP Optimus Prime

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