Monday, February 8, 2010

Mods - Update on KO Classics Sunstorm's Arms

Ok, my first attempt to repaint KO Classics Sunstorm resulted in a very tired me, so tired that I did not want to mod the 1-piece arm to form the normal elbow joint which will take a lot of time (Refer to Mods - KO G1 Star Saber, Classics Sunstorm & Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of KOs (36) ). Then, think think think... not right.. until the day I got the very good KO Classics Thundercracker then I set my mind to make some elbows for Sunstorm... so cut off the arms, remove the middle part, and used some ice-cream sticks to make the joints, just like the real deal.. and cover the outermost surface with slightly thicker polystyrene, so can paint better...

Join the parts with a screw... and now, my KO Classics Sunstorm has elbows!!!!

Next to do should be the KO yellow Perceptor which I got almost a year ago!!!!

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