Sunday, February 28, 2010

Encore G1 Ironhide & G1 Ratchet - Alternate Robot Mode Project

Was taking out 1 of the 2 left triangular caterpillar tracks for Ratchet when suddenly though of trying to figure out if there is any way to get a better robot mode for my Encore G1 Ironhide and Ratchet... after some fiddling, got this concept...
(1) Remove the base station.
(2) Pull out the arms slightly - the arm joint will be almost at shoulder level.
(3) Flip the feet as normal - for stability, only this time it has no toes, only heels.
(4) Attach a 3D head (to bash later, hopefully got some good spare heads... Or if got any cheap sale for the custom-made head kits that were available sometime ago) from the back, which has a hole-like cavity to insert into.

Should look something like this below (using the cardboard heads from the packaging as a reference):

Surprisingly, when I refer to pictures in the cartoon, Ratchet also has a sloping down windscreen chest (Ironhide too), and red hips. In this configuration, the arms will rotate at around shoulder level, and not awkward. Another improvement will be the "thumb" can now be seen on the fist, and the fist will also look better in shape. Only problem is the through-hole in the abdomen... Hey, the silver dashboard which can be seen through the windscreen reminds me of Classics Ironhide's/Ratchet's...

Hmmm... Probably some fans has figured out this configuration already, or even better ones... Still, I like it this way to get a more closer to G1 cartoon Ironhide and Ratchet without operating on the actual pieces... Now to find / make heads... hahaha....

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