Sunday, April 26, 2009

Older KO Transformers Mods - Galaxy Convoy

This is one big transformer, and with almost no difference in paint or parts, this can even be considered as a bootleg instead of a knockoff... Yeap, sharp eye readers will see that I have (re-)painted the window panes at the side of the truck... original paint is lousy... Parts are loose and easily broken , eg. clips of the "bag-pack", leg connectors (big piece some more!), missing springs to have the cyberkey power function, face-mask misaligned and cannot cover fully, truck body has protruding screw-head that blocks the bot legs (in truck mode) to go in, unpainted matrix, extremely loose chest piece, etc...

I borrowed the original KO picture from, many thanks to "tornados117", owner of the above picture...The original KO has extremely ugly stickers, which makes it looks extremely KO-ish, so I decided to remove all the stickers... notice the face-mask halfway up?


After removing the stickers and major operations, my Galaxy Convoy looks like this: Almost flaws rectified!!!!!!!!! Nicer right?

Repaired the cyberkey function!!!! Workable!!!!!

Noticed the extra piece (looks V-shaped) above the chest pieces? Yeap, that is the last resort in order to make the chest pieces close tight... not too bad, as it did not affect the aesthetics... Painted the matrix to look like the real deal... Face mask also able to slide up fully...

What you did not see here will be the broken clips of the backpack and legs connectors... keep on breaking... now solved, hopefully can last long....

Edit: See Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of KOs and non-KOs for post on finally able to combine KO Silverion.

Recently saw a post on this Cybertron OP that the windows chests are loose because the metal pins are too short and even with a long pin it will not be tight too...


  1. I can not belive that this is K.O. too....could it combine with sonic blaster?

  2. Hi, sorry did not see this post... Not sure, cos I don't have Sonic Blaster... I believe likely can... yeap, its a old KO liao, but a nice KO nevertheless... but some plastics used for this KO are too weak to support the weight..