Saturday, April 18, 2009

Older KO Transformers Mod - Guard Beasts Gestalt Set

Today's KO spotlight is on a retooled mould of the Guard Beasts that merge with Dag Shadow to form Shadow Dagwon, from the Yuusha (Brave) series. (See link )

The Guard Lion(or Tiger) and Guard Wolf Fox are retooled a bit, the Guard hawk retooled a lot, and they added in a new bull.... I name them Guard Beasts, for simplicity.

Looks familiar? Yeap, looks like Predacon-wannabes.... less the rhino only, hahaha...

I mod the arms of the lion to extend out so that they will not be blocked that much in bot mode. The eagle's wings are trimmed as well to provide better posability.

Predacons... sorry... Guard Beasts, merge to form... Preda... I mean, Shadowking Beast Dagwon!!!!

Surprise, surprise... a decent looking gestalt (compared to the ugly new Cybertron KO gestalts) with individual bots' weapons merge to one big one! Very Yuusha-like, right...

In short, this is one KO gestalt set worth buying... Need to mod a bit, of cos (else where's the fun)... I used to have the Guard Lion and Guard Wolf bought separately (not the new batch manufactured recently, but the VERY old batch)... but thrown away cos the quality is very bad... but with this set, the moulds are better, and best of all, a gestalt can be formed!
However, this KO is recently being stored under my KIV pile of KOs, due to my recent acquire of a true-er Yuusha gestalt, Silverion. Not to worry, as soon as I can find a good decent gestalt (Super Guardion? Piranacon? Oversize Monstructor?), it will make its return, hahaha....

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