Friday, February 10, 2017

KO Oversized Warbotron Rex - Transformations Points Sharing

Wanted to share with fellow KO kollectors on these following points for this KO Oversized Warbotron Rex, which some reviews of this figure may have accidentally missed out :

(1) Crown can fit onto robot head snugly by tabbing in the small peg to the screw hole (back of head) first.

(2) Dino knee-thigh pieces should be extended ( and thus likely the robot elbows retracted in ), if according to the box front artwork and/or the G1 toy.

(3) Chromed tail pieces can slide up to lock in place in dino mode.

Personally I like this figure very much as a nice representative of the Grimlock character.


  1. Hey I would like to ask you something in private. Can you post an e-mail or something?

  2. Ok, seeing that you really are up to date with KOs, I was wondering if you could help me out with an issue. Do you know if they recently KO-ed AD Jolt? There are a lot of sellers for this figure on eBay from Japan and Hong Kong. Any idea if these are KOs? Thanks!