Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of KOs and Such (162) - Star Cats Dino Combiner, KO Undersize AOE 1st Edition Optimus Prime

Collected the haul from 65daigou's new warehouse in Tampines yesteraday... Had a vry very unpleasant experience, but let's not complain here... Finally it's TF time!!!!!!!!!

Star Cats Dino Combiner
The "dinobots" have combined! This company has 1 step ahead of the 3rd party dunno-whatever-company version... hahaha... Rumoured that TFC was sort of involved in the design of this set, but I felt it still has some simplistic style due to the cartoon series is ... kids oriented... But hey, it is a combiner!!!!!!!!! Cost about $69.20... Pics don't do them justice, as they look much nicer physically...

KO Undersize AOE 1st Edition Optimus Prime
Shrunken only slightly, I think... Not as small as I wanted to have, but, will do... the 'backpack' and leg have been simplified but it has not compromised any aesthetics, in fact, the legs seemed to be able to support the body better... There are a lot of different variants of this AOE 1st Edition OP in, so buyers beware, check before buying... Please don't ask me how many versions there are in Taobao... Nice packaging... Plastic quality is not so good, a bit flimsy and this make transforming a bit worrying especially the thin parts and small joints... Definitely needs some trimming and such... Cost about $14.75... Did not play with this for long, will do that next time... but the head cannot turn...


  1. Those Dinobots were made by Jin Jiang Toys. According to their web site the combined form is called Ares.

    1. Thanks for the infor! Weird world of KO TFs, the KO manufacturers even have websites, wow....