Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of TF(161) - IDW Amada Starscream

Went to the 18th Craziest Toys Sale in Takashimaya this morning... It is ... sigh... disappointing... Anyway, after payement, I redeem a $10 voucher and decided to use it on the spot. When I went up to 4th floor, I searched and searched and searched... only to find this little fella that I am willing to pay money for... IDW Armada Starscream!!!!!

Actually I like this mold is because I used to have a KO Armada Skywarp. But after a long time, it was damaged and became to troublesome to repair and I have to throw it away. So when I saw this TF, I felt very much to buy it but hesitant due to the lack of display space. So today, with a $10 voucher, I finally throw in the towel and bought it, paying an additional $19.90 only... Nice...

Now waiting for my Semi-TFC Dino Combiners to reach shore safely...

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