Thursday, March 22, 2012

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of KOs (129) - KO KO Protectobots, KO (Combat) Hero Optimus Prime

Haul from arrived yesterday night... Ordered the following and also ordered a set of the china-version Candy Box Ultraman Zero Eye, Spear & Bracelet set and a set of the china-version Candy Box mini Ultraman Mebius & Monster set... quite cheap...

KO KO Protectobots - Kabaya Style
Yeap, I regard this set is the Kabaya-styled (snap assembly) KO of the KO Protectobots, as they are not the real Kabaya Protectobots mold released... Think might need to do some mods to especially Hotspot (which needs 2 packs to form) to transform it into robot mode... Seller thrown in a KO Kabaya Planet transformer, but the smell was too... so threw it away... Price ~ $4.90 (all 6 packs)

KO (Combat) Hero Optimus Prime
Awesome figure! But needs a little trimming here and there, before he can transform properly... But he must be so war-torn that upon first transform, I broke his right arm... Nevermind, can be fixed... He has a yellow body though, which I intend to keep it that colour... The guns are modified (without the air-pump missile function now)... Price ~ $21.25

Edit: Took a picture of the KO (Combat) Hero Optimus Prime... after the arm (with the guns attached) is repaired...

Quite amazing posability, despite being a 1994 mold!

Hope my WWF IC Belt (Jakks Pacific) and WWE Heavyweight Belt (Mattel) reach vPost soon...

Edit: Yes, my Mattel belt has arrived in vPost US, now hope my other Jakks Pacific belt will reach soon...


  1. Hello my friend, very cool blog u have here. I have been having a very hard time finding very many ko dealers, and suggestions?

  2. Hi Chad! Thanks. Same here, my neighbourhood, in fact, S'pore is now slowly declining in decent KO TFs, or at least in my observations. I'm afraid I can't give you suggestions on KO dealers, as these KOs that I got from are also very random (most of the times I happen to be browsing the Taobao site and chanced upon the KOs. I also don't go to specific sellers, usually I look for the lowest price. You might want to try Or even, if possible?

  3. CSC do have so high end KOs.BTW whats up with the sticker on optimus prime's croch?odd...

  4. Hahaha, the odd stickers are already there in package, keep them there on OP for the time being... In fact, the inverted "GODY" stickered on his waist/belt looks like the sticker of Fire Diver (of the Guard Diver gestalt in Yuusha / Brave Express Might Gaine series), less 2 white lines...