Sunday, March 13, 2011

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of TFs (87) - Marvel Crossover Ironman

Bought this piece in OG People Park... Only 10% off... Still buy because got nothing in CSC (actually have, its a mini Kamen Rider Belt, in the same series as the one I bought before ) , and also ordered the KO version in TaoBao through 65Daigou but was later told "Seller hasn't been online for long time, unable to send the item..."... sad... and 65Daigou has been giving POOR service these few months... The reason/excuse is overwhelming orders due to the TV interview, and lack of manpower, and no time to train manpower... and hence, very very late then got notified of no stock, etc... which means they might not have liaise properly with the seller over in China... lots of refunds... sigh... wow, business too good also not good... very chim... hahaha... will not be engaging their service again, not in the near future.... or until a good KO surfaces..

Anyway... Hope more shops bring in Wreck-gar...

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