Saturday, March 19, 2011

ROTF Sideways Transformation Fiddling

Was fiddling with my free TF, ROTF Sideways, when I realised his transformation is quite funny if I follow the instruction sheet given... so after some fiddling, I realised there is a small tab (see 2nd picture below) that the "backpack" seems to be designed to be clipped into. So when done, Sideways looks like the picture below... Notice how the "backpack" seems to be lower?

A closer look at the "backpack" 's (clear plastic) female-socket tab to the red peg... Perfect fit makes me wonder if the designers meant to do so...

Sideways doing his side-kick!!!!!!

Hope my TaoBao haul arrives soon...


  1. Hi!

    Great Blog! You have some cool KO TF! (like the KO Binaltech Black Optimus. God! Where did you find it? It´s Simply awesome!)

    See ya!

    Deivison - From Brazil

  2. Hi Deivison, thank you for the compliment, I really am lucky & fortunate to be able to get many (actually, all) of these KOs; started off with local purchases, then KO Toys, then (like the Black Binaltech OP you mentioned)... yeap, I also do quite like the black Binatech OP, especially the red windows... quite good quality...