Saturday, March 20, 2010

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of KOs (44) - KO Oversized Voyager Animated Optimus Prime, KO G2 Grimlock (remold), KO Dogfight

My reservist weekend break, so went to Bedok Central to jalan, and bought quite some KOs... Got (all KOs) : (1) Oversized Voyager Animated Optimus Prime (2) Blue-coloured G2 Grimlock which is quite remolded (3) Dogfight (4) micro-sized Thomas Train Combiners (for my little nephew).

KO Oversized Voyager Animated Optimus Prime
This is a voyager Animated OP but oversized to about leader-sized... Actually thought of getting it last week already, to complement my Oversized Henkei Smokescreen, but hesitated, because thought may get ROTF Optimus Prime... but then, the price of ROTF Optimus Prime is still so high, so bought this instead... Price tag says (all prices in SGD in this blog, unless otherwise stated) $19.90 but cashier told me $11.90... wow, saves $8!!!

Includes a VCD but not sure what is the content...

KO G2 Grimlock
So happy when I saw this piece. I thought I'll identify it as G2 Grimlock as it is blue in colour. Finally I can own a mold of G1 Grimlock... or 70%... because it is quit remolded on many parts... the (oversized) head remold is an obvious, have to swivel out the fists instead of pushing in the dino legs (long arms in bot mode, a bit weird), and they also added him Godzilla-like back fins, 3 claws on dino feet instead of 2, hollow upper legs, bigger dino hands/claws with movable elbow joints! How cool is that?!! But may need to make the claws shorter to look more like the real one... see how it goes first... Cost? $10 only...

KO Dogfight
Yes, I bought him because (1) the 2 other Dogfights I have are really too bright in (yellow, red) colours (2) the colours of this piece is slightly closer to the real one, compared to the other 2 Dogfights (3) it is cheap ($1.60), even cheaper than my other 2 Dogfights ($2 each)! Hands are assembled opposite, but can be swapped easily...

Micro-sized Thomas Train Combiner
I did not put it in the title of this post as I had intended to buy this for my little nephew. Did not realised this is the combinable version until I flip to see the back has a combined robot mode picture... don't know what will be the 3 trains' fate once my "decepticon" nephew gets hold of it, but hey, for only $2.90, it is quite expendable... hahaha...

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