Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mods - KO Oversized Legends Evac (Not The Largest Version)

The last of the KO Oversized Legends Pack that I got last year... This is one size smaller than the KO Oversized Legends Evac that I got earlier, so now I got sizes of Evac, including the LOC sized... Did not like the idea of removing the blades for transformation... then figure out that if I can make the cannons swivel to back, then no need to remove blades to transform...

So basically, I need to :
(1) Saw off the cannons
(2) Place a thick polystyrene to cover the hole on cannon (top, which is also seen as the contact piece between the cannon to the black back-piece) after sawing off. Trim.
(3) Drill a hole through the polystyrene piece to fit in a screw. Note the screw will be inserted from the bottom. The screw should not have a too big head.
(4) Drill pilot holes at the black back-piece.
(5) Screw the parts together. (Note: Sine screws are still moving, I cheated and used a bit of super-glue to secure the screw to the black back-piece.)

There, the cannons can now swivel back.

Transform to robot... back view...

Front view of robot mode...

"Power up!"

Dunno which should I mod next...

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