Sunday, March 14, 2010

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of KOs (43) - KO Oversized ROTF Devastator, KO Oversized Henkei Smokescreen

KO Oversized ROTF Legends Devastator
Went to Bugis just now to pray and shop with my folk, and saw these KOs. Immediately bought the KO Oversized ROTF Legends Devastator, and considered a long time before buying the KO Oversized Classics Smokescreen.

This is what many TF toy collectors would want from Hasbro, when Hasbro released the big size ROTF Devastator whose individual components cannot transform, and the legends ones were too small. Very happy when I bought the KO Legends version from, so much so that I started to feel like getting the oversized version one. So can imagine how happy I am when I saw this (Edit: Bro Dasaman, I gotto eat my words, cannot resist this oversized set after seeing it with my own eyes, hahaha...) !!! Cost me $22.90, but the owner charge $22 only. (Save quite a lot compared to if I am to order to from

The back of card cheated!!!! The pictures are not the legends ones! Hahaha...

Size comparison with the legends version (also KO)... funny, that the smaller ones are more expensive than the oversized ones, hahaha... yes, I bought a ROTF DVD too, its not KO...

KO Oversized Classics Henkei Smokescreen
Deluxe to ... Leader-sized? It is bigger than the KO Oversized Classics Sideswipe hung besides it... So I presume this is near leader-sized... .. ok, maybe more of Alternators' size sorry, just saw a picture comparison of Oversize Legends Devastator vs ROTF Leader Optimus Prime, and since this Smokescreen is same size as the Oversize Devastator, it should also be same size as the ROTF Leader Optimus Prime... Wait... he has silver-chromed missiles and rifle!!! Is he a Henkei Oversized???? ... Cost is $15.90, and again, the kind owner charges me only $14... thank you!! .. and yeap, save a lot again, if I am to buy from .... now don't be mistaken that is overcharging, but they have to take into consideration of their profits and shipping, etc... And I am still tempted to order the "Dragon Beast Gen 1 Blue Grimlock", if I can find more KOs to order together...


  1. Hope i can find the KO devastator in KL. Thought of getting the hasbro one but sold out today. :(

  2. Hi Bulk, hope u can get it too, cos it is one nice KO... very mcuh sought after, I guess, cos when I return to the stall to get the KO Smokescreen, the other set (last set) was gone too... and that was just about 45 mins after I bought it.. Good luck, bro!